See's Candies Inc.

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SEE’S CANDIES INC. Swiss Market Strategy



Charles See founded SEE'S Candies Inc. in 1921 in the city of Los Angeles, California. Charles See was a visionary who approached the confection business with a simple view. He decided that no image would better reflect the personality of this venture than that of his mother. Apart from using her recipes as a foundation, See knew that keeping things in the family was the only way to bring about the kind of product he desired. See along with his mother and his wife, Florence, opened the first See's Candies store on Western Avenue in Los Angeles in November of 1921. See's was able to grow steadily from that first shop in Los Angeles to twelve shops by the mid-1920's and thirty shops during the depression. By 1936, See's was able to expand to San Francisco. For generations See's famous old time candies are well known and loved throughout the West. If you were to visit a See's store, you would find a sparkling clean black and white shop where your candies would be packed to order as you made your candy selection. See's reputation for friendly old-fashioned service remains unrivaled. To produce the best possible boxed chocolates, See's acquired the choicest and finest grade raw ingredients from all over the world. No additives or preservatives are ever used in See's Candies, only fresh wholesome ingredients. A $300 million subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, See's Candies delivers over 100 varieties of fresh chocolates via its retail stores, corporate marketing programs, phone and mail orders, and the Internet. Headquartered in South San


Francisco, See's Candies maintains their reputation for excellence in all areas by strictly adhering to their motto of "Quality Without Compromise".


Planning See's candies will lunch their presence in the Swiss market by introducing their most popular product, boxed "Assorted Chocolates". The introduction of this product will be done based on a strategic alliance formed with the local chain store Migros. See's conducted "taste" tests and demographic analysis based on only two products. "Assorted Chocolates" and See's own version of "Chocolate Truffles". These two products contain most of the basic elements found in the rest of the product line; chocolate butter, nut types, caramel etc. Based on taste results of the Swiss market See's will modify the cacao content of its chocolate to have a closer resemblance to the suggested Swiss palate. This will be done in a very meticulous matter without loosing the famous trademark characteristics of See's chocolate flavor and texture. See's intends to accomplish an internal evaluation to identify all of the resources needed for the European venture. Legal, Marketing, Production, eCommerce and Human Resources departments will be involved.


Leading See's Candies Inc. will open a small office branch that will concentrate solely on marketing and initial product deployment. To cushion the possible lag in initial distribution, an e-Commerce infrastructure will be available to serve any customer. In order to broaden their marketplace outside of their West Coast presence and to reduce order costs, See's has expanded into E-commerce and offers their chocolates over the Web. With 24x7 availability, plus innovative new features such as "custom mix" which allows a Web customer to build their own box of chocolates with exactly the kind of chocolates the customer wants, See's predicts a dramatic order growth. See's is confident that their Web application and architecture will provide the quality and excellence they require. See’s European marketing director will manage the introduction of the Swiss version of See’s “Assorted Chocolates” to the market. The team will be responsible for coordinating product deployment, media, production, logistics and strategic alliances.

Organizing See's US branch of the...
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