Food Inc.

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Most off our food is handled and processed by somebody else. The truth is Americans don’t have the time to farm and nor do the dirty bits. In America, whoever does the best in the fourth quarter controls how things will run, with the ever growing hunger for wealth there is no limit to what can be achieved. An American Filmmaker, Robert Kenner, released a documentary Food Inc, a perfect example of greed and disregard for what can be considered ethical in the food industry. Kenner was inspired to make this film after reading Fast Food Nation to show how portray the whole supermarket has become industrialized almost resembling the fast-food industries. The documentary Food Inc. is about slaughter houses, food manufacturing, and other food related subsets. The film relies heavily on visuals and also the commentary used statistics and facts creating attitude. Food Inc. starts off with a camera moving slowly though supermarket shelves with menacing background music and an ominous voice informing the audience that “In the American, supermarket, there are no such things as seasons.” Tomatoes and fruits, we are told are grown overseas while in season but still green, then gassed to induce ripening during shipment. The anonymous voiceover then backtracks, with a brief explanation of how the process of food production has evolved, but has lost its integrity to many throughout the years. The film is broken up into sections, which one by one accumulate in an attempt to paint the broader picture of just how corrupt and ungoverned the food industry is. Kenner targets his audiences by beginning at a local supermarket. Kenner asked the audience how much we really care about the food we buy at our supermarkets and serve our families? Everyone knows what foods are; nourishing substances that are eaten to sustain life. However, many people never knew about bigger-breasted chickens, tomatoes which won’t go bad after long trips, and how pigs are killed in a really tiny and dark room....
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