Food Inc

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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H. White
English 112
Mr. B
6 April 2013

When walking down the meat isle in the grocery store, do people stop to think where the meat came from? A lot of the labels on food will say that it is farm fresh, but does it really come from all natural environments or not? It is a good question to consider, because people have a right to know where their food is coming from and how it is processed. Throughout the Food Inc movie, it shows the animals growing environments and also explains how the animals are given steroids that increase the speed of their growth. This is dangerous for people because if we are eating this meat, it can be harmful and also unhealthy for us to consume. The companies responsible for the processing of the food, refuse to talk about how the process works, and buyers are starting to feel like the companies are hiding something and it is important that people find out; they have a right to know. “Some people feel like since they are getting a good deal on their food that they don’t care about where it comes from because it is cheap and always available.” (Food Inc.) Money is a big issue for many people, and even the people with a lot of money don’t mind getting a good deal at the grocery store. The other side of this would be that some people feel that they want to spend their money on something that is not only cheap, but safe and healthy. People deserve to know where the food they consume is coming from. Until companies are willing to talk to the people and explain what is going on and how they do their job, it is going to be an argument. Many effects are added to the film to make it seem more dramatic and real. It uses animated effect, zooming, and also rotating effect where it goes all the way around the area to show the setting. Animated effects were used to show different animals that the processing is done to, and also the list of stores that sells products from certain companies such as TYSON. Zooming...
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