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Search engine marketing is the newest craze not only here in America, but also on a global level. Advertising online ensures that a broader audience will be able to access the information that is put out. Search engines work in a diverse and complex manner. Understanding the way a search engine indexes information and ranks websites will provide clues necessary to keep a site running smoothly and getting steady traffic. Having a quality site is just the beginning of an online operation. Keeping a site in the top of the search engine list is not an easy task, but it is critical for the success of any website.

There are many major search engines to advertise with such as, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and a variety of others. Major search engines have robots scouring the internet for information. Once the robot visits a website, their information is stored in an index, this process is called spidering. When a word is typed into a search engine, one is really just looking into the search engines entire index (Leib, 2009). Since the internet is constantly changing, the robots are always out there to keep track of new pages and changes made to current pages. Creating a sitemap makes it easy for the robots to find the listing to every URL on the site. Linking all the pages so that the robots have a clear path to follow also gives the page a higher visibility rate.

Indexing is how a site is recognized by a search engine, no one will find a site if it is not indexed properly. Before a search engine can provide a link to a particular web site, the site must be visited by the search engine and analyzed, the information is then added onto the search database (SEO Administrator, 2007). Without indexing, the search engine does not know about the site and cannot recommend it. Information can be manually submitted to search engines and they should be checked on at least once per month to ensure that the site is getting the most potential clicks.

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