Google vs. Bing

Topics: Bing, Web search engine, Google search Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Although on the surface the Google portal website and Microsoft Bing portal web site may look the same, when one looks deeper into the matter one website stacks up much higher than the other. When one adds up all the details included in the package, like design, programs, applications, and number of visitors to the website, a determination can be made as to which website is more user-friendly. The utilities discussed in this paper include: how the search engine generates its responses, and how the design persuades the user to stay within a specific search engine.

Google’s main portal is organized in a way that allows its users to easily find what they need in a timely manner. When one opens the Google homepage, he will find a toolbar which includes basic functions that are used on a daily bases. These functions include: search, email, maps, youtube, and various other utilities. While both Google and Bing provide similar features, Google’s main portal is better organized, more efficient, and easier to use. One will have no difficulty finding what he is looking for with a single click.

On the other hand, Bing provides most of the functions found in Google, however the portal is more computer oriented. While the homepage may appear to be similar to Google’s, in actuality it is much more complicated to use. When one selects a function, he is led to another website; this selection is based on menus and gives the impression that one is in the middle of an application. Things are not as intuitive, and menu items are hidden. Bing leaves their users feeling confused and lost.

Functionality of keywords is the second aspect elaborated upon in this paper. When one uses the Google search engine, results immediately appear as each word is typed in before one even presses search. The keywords are matched against thousands of websites and results are based on the measure of importance assigned to the web pages and the content that relates to the...
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