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  • Published: November 17, 2013
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Skeletal System Notes (Part 2)
1. Ribs are flat bone, meaning they provide protection w/o taking up a whole lot of space or being to stiff 2. Atlas (named after Greek god) first cervical vertebrae, has a weird shape to it. Atlas sits on top of Axis so it can pivot while supporting head. 3. Shoulder Girdle

a. Scapula
a.i. Spine (basically a ridge)
a.ii. Acromion Process
a.iii. Glenoid Fossa —where upper arm bone will attach…a fossa is an indentation or saucer-like. b. Clavicle—support and a strut
c. Humerus (upper-arm)
c.i. End with the ball is proximal, other end is distal
c.ii. Bicipital (intertubercular) groove—for bicep indicates anterior side c.iii. Medial & lateral epicondyles : epi= outside , condyle = bulge 4. Ulna: medial bone (has giant ‘claw’ on the top)…big bump=Olecranon process (elbow bone) – proximal end of the Ulna. The distal end of Ulna call styloid process like a ‘stylus’ 5. Radius: lateral bone, distal end just proximal to the anatomical sniff box 6. Carpals: bones of the wrist. There are 8 carpals; 2 rows of 4…some carpals in the “anatomical sniff box” 7. Metacarpals: One’s hand – numbered laterally to medially 8. Phalanges (UE—upper extremities = fingers instead of toes) 3 phalanges in fingers 2-5; only 2 phalange in finger 1 a. Singular for phalanges; phalanx

b. Bottom of Thumb= first proximal phalanx
c. Top of Thumb= first distal phalanx
9. Coxal Bones
a. Illium (big fan part at the top)
a.i. ASIS (Anterior Superior Illiac Spine)—it is the ‘point’ sticking of your hip a.ii. ACETABULUM: where the femur joins
a.iii. Crest
b. Ischium
b.i. Bottom part of butt (if you wiggle around in your chair you can feel it) c. Pubis
c.i. Pubic synthesis where two pubic bones attach
10. Femur
a. Longest bone in the body
b. Greater trochanter (commonly referred to as lower hip)
c. Medial & Lateral condyles – notches on distal end of bone..small ridge front end 11. Patella
a. Kneecap
b. There to provide bony...
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