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Topics: Pelvis, Sternum, Skeletal system Pages: 3 (647 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Name the major components of the axial skeleton. Name those of the appendicular skeleton. a) Axial Skeleton
i) Skull, Auditory ossicles, Hyoid bone, Vertebral Column, & Thoracic cage. b) Appendicular Skeleton
i) Bones of the upper limb, pectoral girdle, lower limb, & pelvic girdle Briefly describe each of the following bone features: a condyle, crest, tubercle, fossa, sulcus, & foramen a) Condyle- a rounded knob that articulates with another bone, Crest- A narrow ridge, Tubercle- A small, rounded process, Fossa- A small pit, Sulcus- A groove for a tendon, nerve, or blood vessel, & Foramen- A hole through a bone, usually round Name the paranasel sinuses & state their locations. Name any four other cavities in the skull a) Paranasel Sinuses

i) Sphenoid- is located roughly in middle of skull behind nose and eyes, Frontal- located above eyes in forehead bone, Ethmoid- located between eyes and nose, & Maxillary- located in cheekbones, under the eyes b) Orbits(eye sockets)

c) Oral cavity
d) Cranial Cavity
e) Nasal Cavity
f) Middle and inner ear cavities
Name the three parts of the sternum. How many ribs attach (directly or indirectly) to each part? a) Parts of the sternum
i) Manubrium, Body, and Xiphoid Process
b) Ribs attach
i) 12 pairs of ribs
Name the three divisions of the sternum and list the sternal features that can be palpated on a living person a) Three Divisions
i) Manubrium, Body, and Xiphoid Process
b) Sternal Features
i) Suprasternal notch, Sternal angle
Name the three fossa of the scapula and describe the location of each a) Three Fossa
i) Subscapular fossa is located on the anterior, Supraspinous fossa is located above the spine of scapula on posterior, & Infraspinous fossa is located below the spine on the scapula on posterior. Name the four bones from the tip of the little finger to the base of the hand on that side a) Four bones

i) Carpel,...
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