Scientific Method and Research

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  • Published : March 5, 2014
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Name of Course/Module: Research Method
Course Code: BT 21603 Research Method

Name(s) of academic staff:
Dr. Janice L. H. Nga  
(Room No. 10, Level 3, SPE. Ext. 1640, Email:; Dr. Zakariya Belkhamza
(Room No. 26, Level 3, SPE. Ext. 1555, Email: 4.
Rationale for the inclusion of the course/module in the programme

Doing research is an important activity of the for today’s business environment. Business and economics students need to understanding basic concepts of business research methodology and research process as well as acquiring basic research skill. Application of the basic business research concepts and ability to prepare a sound and acceptable research proposal is part of essential skill for business and economics programmes. Research method is one of the school core subjects.

Semester and Year offered: SEM. 2 2012/2013
Total Student Learning Time (SLT)
Face to Face
Total Guided and Independent Learning

L = Lecture
T = Tutorial
P = Practical
O= Others
(see Appendix SLT )
Credit Value: 3
Prerequisite (if any): Nil
Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course students should be able to:
To explain the underlying research philosophical assumptions related to the various research paradigms.( PLO1, C2, P2, A2) To recognize the intricacies of the research process within the various research paradigms.( PL02, C2, P2, A2) To compare qualitative and quantitative research approaches and various the research methods from each approach.(PL03, C4, P3, A4, CTPS) To design and articulate a research proposal and project based on group work.( PLO5 C4,P4, A2, TS3) To outline ethical issues in conducting research projects and to understand the protocols governing the ethical clearance of research projects.(PLO3, C2, P3, A3, CTPS)

Transferable Skills :

Planning and conducting research project
Problem solving skill -Techniques for generating research ideas and topics Literature search skill
Data analysis and report writing skill
Writing research proposal
Team working

Teaching-learning and assessment strategy

Lectures, Tutorials, midterm examination, group project assignment , presentation and final examination

The course is designed to provide students with good foundation in the research methodology and the application of research to issues of current concern in business and management. The course is structured to provide a broad understanding of research and research methodologies. It aims to enhance the student’s understanding business research concepts and provide students with the knowledge, understanding and necessary skills to complete a piece of business research proposal and project. The course focuses on the analysis of business problems and the use of scientific research as a problem-solving tool. Students are taken step-by-step through the research process, while numerous worked examples, real-life case studies and student activities bring to life the realities of undertaking business research. This encompasses the understanding and application of appropriate research study, research designs, research statistics, and the use of the computer for data analyses, report writing and presentation.

Mode of Delivery
Lecture, Tutorial, group project and presentation.

Assessment Methods and Types

Presentation of research proposal – 20 minutes -10%
Literature review (2000 words) -10%
Mid-term evaluation -20%
Group Research Proposal Project and assignment -20% (3000 words) Final examination -40%

Mapping of the course/module to the Programme Aims

Refer to Program aims in program structure
Mapping of the course/module to the Programme Learning Outcomes

Refer to Course /module learning outcomes matrix
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