Science Final Paper

Topics: Human, Agriculture, Pollution Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Billy M Bray
Shepherd Manango
Jan. 9, 2012

Final Exam.

Provide your answer in one paragraph for each question
Use available resources to help you answer the questions.

1. Why is water such an important resource issue? (2 points)

2. You have been appointed Director of reducing Global warming and the appropriations committee has given you 3 billion dollars to be applied towards reducing global warming. What are some of the things you would put in place to achieve this goal? (4 points)

3. A city garbage dump is filled; some suggest that the area be turned into a farm. What factors in the dump might make it a good area to farm, and what might make it a poor area to farm? (4 points)

Water is a liquid that is essential for the survival for any and every human being on the planet. More than 60% of the weight in a human is made from water. Other than just using it for survival, we as human beings have also used it for many different purposes such as, personal hygiene, the production of energy, and even as a master bomb created by the military. Water is also the main ingredient for plants to grow and as humans we need these plants as food to survive. Water is an every day resource for us humans to use in many different ways. If we did not have water we would not be able to survive. Humans would die from dehydration and plants and animal life would follow. In conclusion water is the key resource for everyday life, as we know it.

As a committee member I would implicate the use of solar and windmill systems to produce energy so that we could cut down the pollution from the power plants. This would be the first step in building the new society. We would also implement the use of car pools instead of every one driving at the same time. We would have to begin to stop the use of motorcars and use electric vehicles, walking,...
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