The Most Severe Threat We Face Today Is Water Shortage

Topics: Earth, Global warming, Water crisis Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: February 14, 2011
Water is the one of the most important resources in the world because it is vital for life on Earth. Today many people believe that water shortage is the most severe problem, but there are many different other issues such as overpopulation and global warming. It is commonly accepted by many that the world faces a crisis over restrictions on water supply and we cannot continue to expect water to be a finite resource. According to A. Kirby (2000), the earth is covered by water in approximately two thirds of its surface. However, the vast majority of this water is too salty to use and, alarmingly, there is only 2.5% of it available for consumption by the human species. Furthermore, two thirds of that small percentage is locked in the icecaps and glaciers and with only 0.08% of supply accessible a picture begins to emerge of the challenges facing the world. Humans utilise approximately 70% of its water supply in developing its agriculture and related activities but the World Water Council has stated that it believes this figure could rise by up to 17% by the end of 2020. It could be argued that in ten years time millions of lives could be at risk because of the careless nature of our attitude to the production, treatment and consumption of water. Even in the present day it is estimated that approximately 30,000 children in poor and third world countries are dying each year from diseases directly related to the transfer and storage of water. The world’s water shortage issues have arisen because of the people who live in it, the rise in their population but most importantly their waste of this product. Overpopulation is another problem which causes water shortages. The world’s population rate is significantly increasing and will eventually come to a point where the resources essential to support life will run out. According to V. Busam (1995) Earth does not possess enough resources to support the high population demands. This can be seen in China where arable...
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