Science and Technology in the Human Development of China

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  • Published : April 11, 2011
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Science And Technology In The Human Development Of China
Abhinav Kumar (2009TT10837)
Lokesh Varun (2009TT10797)


Course Coordinator:
Prof. Ambuj Sagar

A Background of Agriculture in China: Challenges and Needs Recent Technical Advances in Agriculture and Their Benefits to China Bio Technology:
New Seed Varieties
Bt cotton
Impacts Of Bt Cotton
GM Rice
Impacts Of insect resistant GM varieties Bio Fortification
Folate bio fortification
Technology In the Field Of Health In China
Rear View of Health Care in China
Ancient Health Care Practices and Their Effects
Modern scientific techniques, methods, procedures
and their benefits to China
Biomedical Sciences
The Heath System after Liberation
Maternity and Child care
Major hurdles on the path
Summary and conclusions
Table 1
End Notes

Since many years there has been much focus on the research and development in China as the country is leapfrogging to a new era of technologies. In this report we have considered mainly the health and the agricultural aspects of technology helping China in making a difference in human development standards of the country.

One of the most important fundamental commodities that are critical to man’s existence is food. In this regard, a country’s agricultural backbone is vital to sustain the way of life for its citizens. Without a sound food and agricultural support system, the country’s continual development in all other areas including economic, cultural, social and industrial aspects will simply move forward at a very slow rate or even not at all. Food production and agriculture is given more meaning and importance in China than in other developing countries in Asia, due its need for domestic support and its continuously ballooning population and high income growth. China’s efforts towards agricultural development and domestic food production has grown rapidly and impressively in recent years, paving the country’s accession to the World Trade Organization, which had closed its doors to China until reforms in these areas were been met – and the country has succeeded in doing so. From the period of the seed drill used in the historic times to the period of biotechnology China has always been should its worth in developing and adopting new technologies. China’s efforts in the food production and agricultural field have been very impressive as compared to any other country in the Asia Pacific region. Food per capita has increased, rural incomes generated become substantial and robust, and China has continued to be a major net exporter of agricultural products. This can be attributed to the intensive focus on developing food sciences and technologies and using these technical advances to improve agriculture and food production. Similarly , the advances in health have made China really much better place to live in . The advances in biomedical sciences, maternal care , improved health systems and many more have contributed to better health practices in China . Malnutrition and traditional infectious diseases have been replaced by chronic non-communicable diseases and emerging infectious diseases. In China, more than 80% of deaths are caused by chronic non-communicable diseases. These increasing concerns have been tackled very well with the improved health technologies.

A Background of Agriculture in China: Challenges and Needs
The challenge in China is in the area of producing an adequate supply of food through agriculture, food production, processing, handling and distribution. To achieve this, labor-saving innovations and technologies should be established resulting in high-levels of...
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