School Uniforms

Topics: Education, Trousers, School Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Jacquel Bouligny
Mrs. Peterson
English 3 6th Hour
17 January 2013

Prompt: 1 School Uniforms
School uniforms could be the solution to a decrease in violence, adapting a better learning environment, or develop discipline in students. Many people oppose to uniforms while others are encouraging schools to require them. And I also believe schools should require them. But perspectives on school uniforms differ very much while parents may love them students on the other hand may hate them. But I believe school uniforms are great for school. Requiring students to wear the same bottoms and tops. Including a few options of similar polo shirts, slacks, pants, and skirts. Since uniforms may positively affecting the school environment. The possible advantages of uniforms includes increase students self esteem by dressing alike and teaching students what is really important and that would be character, improve learning by decreasing distractions in the classroom , hide the wealthy and poor differences between families because rich and wealthy kids dress the same. Following uniforms make it possible and easier for administrator to identify those who do not belong on campus and could be a danger to students and faculty. While on the opposing side the disadvantages of school uniforms would be school uniforms violate the right to freedom of speech and expression, uniforms are to expensive for less fortunate families, and on violence uniforms just are an excuse or passage to hide the real problem behind bullying and gang activity. Preceding it’s just an opinion that school uniforms decrease the amount of violence that occurs. Also uniforms remove the opportunity for student’s to express one’s individuality. And by requiring student’s to wear school uniforms the value of individuality is not being taught and the right for students to do so is being denied. Following to be an individual is being special and not general. So the value of individuality is to desire being...
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