School Records and Their Essence in Secondary Educational Institutions

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School records and their essence in secondary educational institutions.         Records as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary (1980), and cited by Onifade (2004), are ‘information or data on a particular subject collected and preserved’ This definition implies that any processed or unprocessed datum that is collected and kept for future use constitutes a ‘record’. (p.60)         On regular basis, information on school personnel (pupils, teachers and non-teachers), facilities, funds and school activities, are collected and preserved. This collection becomes school records. School records are therefore information or data which are collected on various aspects of a school and preserved for future use. The information or data which are written manually or electronically are preserved in books, files, diskettes and other electronic materials. Mbiti (1974), summmarises this concept when he states that school records include all books and files containing information on what goes on in school, who is in the school and the type of properties owned by the school. School records include (i) A register of admission and withdrawal

(ii) A register of attendance
(iii) A log-book
(iv) A cash book
(v) A visitor’s book
(vi) A copy of education law
(vii) Scheme of work
(viii) Teacher’s record of work
(ix) School time-table
(x) Corporal punishment book
(xi) Counterfoils of transfer and leaving certificates, and (xii) Minutes book of the Board of Governors.
School records serve as a bank in which information is deposited and kept with the hope of retrieving and utilizing in the future. Proper keeping of school records could enhance planning process, serve as historical record, provide knowledge on students academic performance and facilitate schools’ financial administration. It will also provide a basis for advisory and counselling services. School records provide raw data which can be used by officials of education ministries for planning purpose. Data collected from school records on pupils enrolment and school facilities can be analysed in order to determine the number of teachers and other resources that would be needed by the school. Within the school, records would enhance planning for placement of students into higher classes. Through records, especially the log-book, the history of the school could be known. Important events of the school are recorded in the log-book. Hence, it services as a good reference point of whoever intends to know the happening in the school. In fact, it serves as historical sources of useful information to principal’s or headmaster’s successor and to outside researchers’ (Edem, 1982). School records also enables us know the termly and yearly academic performance of students. School managers will be able to determine the academic progress of the students and take necessary precautionary measures towards improving their academic performance. The financial status of the school could be determined through school records. Income and expenditure of the school are entered into appropriate ledger, and this enhances accountability on the part of the school administrator. School records also provide a basis for advisory and counselling services. Teachers, head teachers and school counsellors could make use of records in order to give advice on students’ academic activities. Using school record as a management strategy

        One purpose a school record can serve is to assist in effective management of the school. Managers are required to keep records not only because it is a statutory duty but because of its value in improving management practices. School records can enhance managerial duty performances in the following area: (i)     Planning for resource acquisition and utilization         Resources such as teachers, non-teachers and students, constitute the personnel in the school. They are to be absorbed into the school in adequate quantity and quality....
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