Justify the Need for Keeping Records and Describe the Types of Record You Would Maintain

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  • Published : November 3, 2011
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Record keeping enables the teacher to provide evidence of individual student’s charter from the start to finish of a course. It enables to plan, organize and to create best learning environment for the learners. This is classified depending on the subject taught, organization and any other records needed as per UK regulations. JUSTIFICATION FOR RECORD KEEPING

Accurate records taken throughout the course facilitates both teacher and student to continuously assess the effectiveness of the teaching and learning relationship. Gravells, (2008) states “you need to keep records of how your learners are progressing.” Being organized with an accurate record for every student helps me in assessing the student’s need and to give a positive feedback on “how things are going.” On another level, it also keeps me in check as to whether or not I need to refine any aspect of my teaching. Record keeping also helps in taking key decisions when assessing the learner for successful completion of the course (ie) assignments, lab test reports, etc. It is also noteworthy that every individual has different learning needs which needs to be accommodated by a single teacher. Without proper planning and accurate record keeping, it is impossible to deliver results. In short, record keeping, helps me and the learner to set goals and track progress. TYPES OF RECORDS:

There are different types of records to maintain depending on what we need them for. As a lecturer, I would maintain three different types of records. 1.Teacher’s records
2.Learners records
3.Mandatory records

Teacher’s records:
This constitutes of all the records that is needed by me to deliver a course within a subjective frame of time. As a Lecturer, this is usually my first record and plan to deliver the subjects allotted to me. I will be explaining this more in the following sections: Scheme of Work:

This is a framework prepared by me based on the syllabus to teach throughout the course. It contains...
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