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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Paulino 1
Keslie Paulino
Global History
October, 16. 2012
Indus River Valley Civilization
The first civilizations were found near the Indus River. The Indus river valley civilization is an ancient civilization that began by the Indus river valley. Civilization is an advanced state of human society in which science, culture, industry and government have been reached. Excavations first started in 1921-1922 directed to a civilization that began about 4,000-5,000 years ago and research has given us a better picture of the Indus River Valley Civilization. Cultural exchange between the Indus River Civilization and Mesopotamia stands out. The Aryans invade the Indus River Valley Civilization. Darius the Persian conquers the Indus River Valley Civilization. Because of the destruction of the Indus River Valley Civilization writing fades away for a time. The Chinese cultures were to the north and northeast, past the giant Himalayas. Crossing the Thar Desert and thick jungles to the east, one would have come to the early people of the Ganges River Valley. The Indus people were isolated from the Mesopotamians and other near-east cultures to the west / northwest by the Hindu Kush and vast deserts. Finally, the people of the Indus Valley were hemmed in to the south by the Arabian Sea / Indian Ocean. Nevertheless, the Indus River civilization flourished and grew to control more land than either the ancient Egyptians or the Mesopotamians. Even though it developed independently from the other river valley civilizations, the success of the Indus Valley Civilization was due in large part to the Indus River itself. Fed by monsoonal summer rains and winter runoff from the mountains, the Indus River, especially when seen from space, is an obvious oasis in an otherwise bleak looking region. To the Indus Valley people, the river provided fertile grounds to crops of rice, wheat, various fruits and vegetables, and cotton. In addition, the Indus provided grazing lands...
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