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The resistance of employees in an organization against flexibility, growth, and diversification can be overcome by developing: Entrepreneurship
Managerial domain
Administrative domain
For the success of business plan the goals should be
LMM stands for:
Locally Manufactured Machinery
Locally Manufactured Marble
Local Marble Market
Local Meat Market
Which of the following is NOT essential part of the contract? All the parties involved should be named
Transaction should be described in detail
Obtain signatures of the persons involved
Place where contract takes place
Normally sponsor links are used in which of the following type of promotion? Publicity
Trade shows
Personal selling
Internet advertising
The Grameen Bank model is affectively used by which of the following institute? Education sector
Finance Sector
Rural Sector
Which one of the factors should be considered while assessing the space for business? Parking
Access from roadways to facility
Delivery rates
All of the given options
An actor and a person who managed large project were termed as the entrepreneur in the _________.
Earliest period
Middle ages
17th century
19th and 20th century
Which of the following usually is NOT deducted to the salaries? Provident fund
Income Tex
LLC is more flexible than
S Corporation
Limited Partnership
Sole Proprietor
All of the above
Which of the following is NOT an example of collecting primary data? Internet
Focus Group
Which two work environments should be good for spawning the new enterprises? Finance and marketing
Finance and R&D
Marketing and R&D
Marketing and IT
Which one of the following should consider in economy while conducting environmental analysis? GNP
Disposable income
Channel of distribution
__________ is commonly used to measure the short-term solvency of the venture? Debt to equity ratio
Current ratio
Profitability ratio
Activity ratio
Which one of the following is a barrier to new product creation and development? Trial and error
Opportunity parameter
Opportunity cost
Intrapreneurship culture
What is a target market?
A group of customers a venture reaches by accident
All consumers who purchase the venture’s product
A specific group of potential customers toward which a venture aims its marketing plan A chain of discount stores
In stage of responsibility allocation process the entrepreneur follows: Highly centralized decision making process
Highly decentralized decision making process
Somewhat centralized decision making process
No particular standard
Which one of the following is the process of entrepreneurs developing new products that over time make current products obsolete? Creative destruction
New business model
None of the given options
Factors contribute to the creation of new venture EXCEPT:
High interest rates
Role models
Which one of the following gives suggestions for new product but also helps to market new product in the market?
Existing products and services
Distribution channels
Federal government
The chief motivational factor for _________________ entrepreneurs to leave jobs is the frustration of not being allowed to perform at the level of which they are capable. Male
All of the given options
Which of the following is the most important for the entrepreneur, while starting a new venture, to make an assessment of?
An entrepreneur doing business within the national border is called: International entrepreneurship
Domestic entrepreneurship
A typical inventor is usually ________________________.
Highly creative & in...
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