Samsung Company Analysis

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Samsung Electronics is one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers; Samsung Electronics is also South Korea's top electronics company. It makes many kinds of consumer devices, including DVD players, digital TVs, and digital still cameras; computers, color monitors, LCD panels, and printers; semiconductors such as DRAMs, static RAMs, flash memory, and display drivers; and communications devices ranging from wireless handsets and smart phones to networking gear. The company, which is the flagship member of Samsung Group, also makes microwave ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. Nearly half of sales come from the Asia/Pacific region. Top industries for Samsung Electronics Co. are memory chip and module manufacturing, communications chip manufacturing, wireless telephone handset manufacturing.  

Samsung is no longer the company that it used to be, it is a company that has put in a lot effort and money for changing its reputation. Today, Samsung is striving and growing into one of the most successful companies ever. It has an extensive product line that caters to many different people. It no longer operates on low profits; it’s striving on the highest.

Sales Preparation
MarketValue160834.8asof 2012-11-09
2011 Sales (mil)104,155.453
2011 Employees101,970
Assets (mil)101,260.188

Income Statement201120102009
Diluted EPS$28.8$39.04$27.96

SWOT analysis
A good SWOT analysis can help the company and competitors place themselves in the market wisely. Therefore, let us look at the SWOT Analysis of Samsung to give an idea of how the company is operating in the world. Strengths

• Samsung has a wide product range, which allows them to grab ample market share from various markets. This allows Samsung to not only earn a high return but it also allows them to diversify their risk and failure • According to many magazines, Samsung holds a significant portion of the market share in nearly all its products. • Samsung is a reputed name and many people are familiar with it around the world. • Samsung has won many awards on its high quality products. • Samsung has the ability and resources to use the latest technology and offer new and exciting features frequently. • Samsung has won many awards due to its ability to make innovative, sleek and slim products • Samsung has set up many production plants in low cost locations, thus they save on cost of production significantly. • Samsung recently has attracted ample positive press, thus its reputation continues to grow and has a positive impact on the operations of the company. Weaknesses

• Samsung never introduces a new design on its own, it always waits to attack it’s competitors. Thus, it missed the first mover advantages. • Samsung does not charge high price for its products, therefore often people relate the low price to begin a supplier of low quality products. General perception supports that the higher the price, the higher the quality of products. • Many Samsung products are not user friendly, therefore consumer often hesitate to switch to Samsung products even if the price and quality is exceptional. • Samsung does not focus on a specific niche; it offers its products to the mass market only. • Samsung does not create its own software therefore it often relies on other sources to complete the products. • Samsung faces immense competition from new companies and online companies. • High set up and operation cost for such a company.

• Samsung should make an active effort to offer unique products to customers, in order to grab more market share. • Samsung could start creating...
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