Customers & Clients Element Contributes in Samsung Success

Topics: Disability, Welfare, Korea Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Customers & clients element contributes in Samsung success

The company’s success always evaluate not only by business goals achievements, but also evaluate by how good the company serves its community, protects the earth’s resources and how makes difference in people’s lives. Samsung embraces its responsibility to cooperate as a good citizen, taking action around the world to bring up a better society, protect and improve the environment and strengthen the communities. Samsung is includes of companies which are embeding new standards in a wide range of business from electronics to financial services, from chemicals and heavy industries to business and services. They share a commitment to creating innovative, high quality products and services which are relied on everyday by millions of people and businesses around the world. The management of Samsung believes that the most effective element of Samsung success is contributing to society and to the mutual prosperity of people across national boundaries truly depends on how they manage their company. The goal of this company is to create the future with its customers. Samsung’s decides to develop it’s human resources and attract the world’s smartest innovators, inventors and designers are fundamental to success in creating the next technology. Social Programs,Customers welfare

The Samsung Welfare Foundation and Samsung's affiliates serve the community and help children and young adults develop into healthy, productive members of society through a wide variety of programs: * Building and operating Samsung Childcare Centers, which offer quality education for children from low-income families in Korea. * Establishing exclusive plants for the physically disabled, such as the Mukunghwa Elec- tronics facility, an entire assembly plant constructed specifically for wheelchair-bound employees. * Free eyesight Recovery operation for the visually impaired in cooperation with Siloam Eye...
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