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SWOT Analysis
Answer 1.
The company so selected for the sake of carrying upon SWOT Analysis is McDonalds. The company is found to run its food outlets all around the globe. It basically deals in fast-foods. The customers serve to be the main aspect for the company. It used to collect feedback from the customers on a regular basis. The SWOT Analysis is the tool that is used from the point of developing pertinent knowledge about company’s position in the market. From this, it can improve the weak areas and can strengthen the strong aspects more and more. The information regarding company’s SWOT Analysis can be derived from Company’s website, annual reports, books, articles and journals. All these prove to be effective from the point of developing knowledge about its strength, weakness, threats and opportunities (McDonald’s Corporation: The Past, Present, and Future, n.d.).

The strength of the company is that it is operating in accordance with various cultures. It serves to be a socially responsible company and actively work for community’s betterment. It is also placed on a great position under Fortune ranking list. The weaknesses linked with the company are that it failed to move towards pizza market. In addition to this, it needs to capitalize on the trend towards organic foods as well. The changing preferences of the customers also pose a problem in front of the company. The company understands customer’s value in business and that is why asking them regularly for more improvements. The health of the customers is taken into account with due effect and this makes it high (McDonalds, 2011). It serves to be the opportunities for the company. The threats are that the company faces intense competition and this makes things impossible. At the same time, it is also important to see to it that all these things need to be considered from the point of indentifying company’s actual position. The SWOT Analysis related to the company can...
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