Sample Research Proposal on Teenage Pregnancy

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  • Published: November 9, 2013
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Sample Research Proposal on Teenage Pregnancy

This research proposal implies on teenage pregnancy and its effect on academic progression. There will be association between teenage pregnancy and academic progression places evidence that education should put weight on reality adhering to teenage pregnancy. Understanding teenage pregnancy within UK context is adamant to the purpose of study. Thus, the expectation that teenage pregnancy will be reduced by proper academic programs, school based prevention ways towards teenage pregnancy. The need to find out basis if such teenage pregnancy has positive effect on academic progression, meaning towards a positive behavior of teenagers while having their academic life. Another would be negative effect of teenage pregnancy on academic progression. Indeed, research on the decision to continue or terminate teenage pregnancy is sparse. Research study will seek to address certain gap in research literature through analysing the educational dimensions of decision to continue teenage pregnancy by means of using data collection in case study survey approach. Research will review qualitative methodology, its strengths, application, and potential weaknesses. Presence of comprehensive range of qualitative techniques are to be reviewed, issues will be highlighted for framing the area of investigation, the epistemological issues of causality, induction, case selection, as well level of explanation regarding teenage pregnancy and academic progress.  

Research questions
Research questions are essential part of the research process, as this will imply a solid connection towards secondary knowledge composed of peer reviewed studies such as from academic centered journals and articles, also from documented information and facts from books having contents about leadership and change. The research questions serve as the initial organization flow of the study’s review of the literature which leads to the creation of research methods and techniques and the questions were the following: What is teenage pregnancy? How does teenage pregnancy affect academic lifestyle of teenagers? How teenage pregnancy be prevented given the fact that education plays a crucial factor for disseminating imperative information? Explain   What is meant by academic progression? How does it relate to teenage pregnancy? What are positive effects of teenage pregnancy on academic progression of college students? Provide cases/ examples What are negative effects of teenage pregnancy on academic progression of college students? Provide cases/ examples What are several options to prevent teenage pregnancy? (School based prevention, approaches are to be applied) How education and resolution is being realized in accordance to teenage pregnancy? Cite literature support base  

Aims and objectives
Research aims to recognize teenage pregnancy among college students particularly first year and second year college students in the UK and be able to find out positive and negative effects of teenage pregnancy towards academic progression, academic life of teenagers. Literature studies of teenage pregnancy and its outcomes will be reviewed; state of current knowledge will be assessed. The effectiveness of academic oriented programs for pregnant teenagers is to be examined accordingly. The research will be aiming to explore the timing of pregnancy in relation to leaving or finishing college. The main objective will be the examination of academic factors and decision to terminate or continue teenage pregnancy while undergoing college education. Thus, complete level, school marks and subject preference are included as it may discriminate those who continued and those who terminated the truth of pregnancies. The need to find out if teenagers who have strong attachment to school will be more likely to terminate than continue pregnancy, particularly for college students in rural and regional UK.

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