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Executive Summary3
Mission Statement3
Organizational Structure4
Program of Services5
Program One Current Planning5
Service level Objectives6
Service Level Measures7
Departmental Strategies7
Citywide Goal7
Future Outlook8
Program Two Long Range Planning8
Service level Objectives8
Service Level Measures11
Departmental Strategies11
Citywide Goal11
Future Outlook12
Funding Needs12
Operations & Maintenance13
Key Issues13
Departmental AnalysisAppendix A

planning Department
2009/10 Business Plan

Executive Summary

Both the Current Planning (Development Review) and Long Range Planning (Comprehensive Planning) programs relate directly to the City’s often-stated pride in being a “well planned community”, where planning has always been and continues to be strong. Historically, the City had accomplished high quality planning through the private sector’s efforts within its master planned communities. About ten years ago, the City turned attention to becoming a leader in public sector planning. This refocus allows private sector planning efforts to continue within the neighborhoods and at the same time implementing public planning efforts that tie the areas together as a city.

Our team has transitioned from simply responding to development requests to taking proactive action. This could not have occurred without strong direction and support from the City Council. The volume of Strategic Project leadership entrusted to us has grown significantly in just a few years.

As we move into the future, we believe we will increase our involvement in significant issues such as thoroughfare planning, utilities planning, evolving transportation programs, and economic development strategies. We may also need to request the reinstatement of one planning position that was given up recently in order to remain responsive to the development community and the City Council.

Mission Statement

The Planning Department shapes the city’s physical environment through strong coordinated comprehensive planning that guides all aspects of decision-making to achieve a well planned, responsible, livable city with a strong economy.

Organizational Structure


Program of Services

Program One CURRENT PLANNING (development review)



We review for compliance and make final decisions on cases regarding code compliance. Work is initiated by the development community. These cases include:

• Minor/amending plat review

• Commercial/multi-family/townhome site plan review

• Single family site plan review

• Commercial sign review

• Miscellaneous (ROW encroachments; easement encroachments; etc.)

Development Review – casework through decision making processes

We review for compliance, write staff reports, and make presentations on cases regarding code and Comprehensive Plan compliance. These cases include:

• Preliminary/Final Plats

• Conditional Use Permits/Rezonings

• Zoning regulation variance/Special Exceptions

• Subdivision regulation variances

Development Review – General Customer Service

Coordination of development application review facilitates the process to the benefit of the City (gaining quality development) and of the individual applicants (reliable turn-around times; reduced instances of “surprises”). Current Planning also assists customers prior to application, prior to home purchase, and with meeting certain requirements for financing property. These services include:

• Answer phone/walk-in customer questions

• Coordinate development review

• Zoning verification letter

• Development Agreement Coordination

• Development Agreement tracking

land management

Several other departments’ work is interrelated to the...
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