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Genius In Training Inc.

Business Plan

June 28, 2013

Table of Contents

Description Page

Executive Summary2

Company Mission, Vision, Value Statement4

Opportunity Analysis5

Marketing Plan 7

Operations and Management 9

Financial Statements12

Estimate and Request for Funding15

Exit Strategy16

Genius In Training Inc.
Executive Summary

Syndee Howgate CEO of Genius In Training Inc. has identified she will need $229,750 to open a LearningRX Center in Sugar Land, Texas. LearningRX of Sugar Land will be the dba of Genius In Training Inc. The funds will cover the purchase and installation of the equipment and machinery, leasehold improvements, inventory, office equipment, and working capital to start the business. Syndee Howgate will contribute $9,750 to the project from personal funds. The remainder of $220,000 is requested to be a SBA loan at 6.00% interest amortized over 7 years. The loan is to be secured by the equipment, and inventory, as well as the personal guarantee of Syndee Howgate.

LearningRx is a franchise for a learning center that caters to families with children who have academic difficulties. The franchisor is LearningRx Franchise Corporation located in Colorado Springs, CO. The program is based on the explosion of brain research that has accumulated in the last decade. This research suggests that stimulating the mind with mental exercise may cause brain cells, called neurons, to branch widely. This branching causes millions of additional connections between brain cells. Studies demonstrate that our brains develop throughout our lives and that they are constantly being modified and that training and practice can stimulate brain development in targeted areas. This is known as neuroplasticity. LearningRx, the franchisor, has used what we have learned about brain development and created a program that focuses on developing those cognitive, brain based skills that allow us to take in and use sensory information. Developing these cognitive skills such as, attention, simultaneous and sequential processing, planning, processing speed, short-term and long-term memory, auditory processing, and visual processing make the student more efficient at taking in and using information thus making them better students. Academic skills are dependent upon underlying cognitive skills. Students in the LearningRx program work one-on-one with a trainer for 60-80 hours in a twelve to twenty-four week period and also do home training with a parent. Tremendous changes in performance are evident rapidly. A two year improvement in cognitive skills during this 12 week period is guaranteed. Gains of 4-6 years are common.

Clients of LearningRx are typically families with children of school age. Although individuals of all ages and ability levels can benefit, the primary clients are children having academic and reading difficulty. The franchisor continues to work to develop additional programs targeting populations such as preschoolers, senior citizens who want to stay sharp and corporations who want their employees to work faster and more efficiently. These programs will be incorporated into this franchise once available.

The franchisees will be Syndee Howgate CEO of Genius In Training Inc. (Note that a Franchise Agreement is available for review upon request.)

Syndee Howgate brings with her 13 years operation experience from the financial world with Capital One Financials. She has created and executed marketing plans, project plans, managed a project/process management office and accountable for P&L for a $1.5mm staff and $20mm operations department. She will be able to lead the center to success with her experience in HR, training, coaching, management, and project and process management. She will lead a team of self-motivated, entrepreneurial spirited, with a strong sense of ownership and excellent...
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