Sample Chapter Iv

Topics: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Data analysis Pages: 5 (1339 words) Published: January 21, 2013


Methods and procedures would mostly talk about the technicality of the study. It will cover the research design, research method, participants, instruments, procedures and data analysis. The locale is not included since the researchers would be doing a purposive sampling wherein there would be no exact location where participants are from.

The research design would discuss the methodology. It will determine if the researchers have decided to use quantitative or qualitative research. It would also provide a complete description and evaluation of the topic. The research method would discuss and justify the method or how the study will be executed. The participants will discuss mostly everything about the respondents. Their age bracket and the number of people involved. This part will also identify the sampling technique that the researchers chose. Instruments will include the explanation and identification of data gathering tools. The procedure will explain the data gathering process. How the data is gathered and how the researchers deal with it. Lastly, the data analysis will discuss about the most common responses from the participants.


The researchers have chosen to use the qualitative research methodology for they believe that it will be helpful to accomplish their objectives. A qualitative research looks for the answer to the why and how of the decision making. It is studying the content of the message of the study. Moreover, it does not just focus on the what which makes it more meaningful.

In this era where the society is suffering from poverty, a lot of people seek their chance of getting wealthy by working abroad. These people have the mentality that when they work abroad, they will be earning more than what they will earn when they work here in the Philippines. A lot of countries are searching for possible adequate employees here in the Philippines because they know that Filipinos’ salary are cheaper as compared to when they hire individuals from their country or from anywhere else.

Working abroad could cause a lot of negative impact especially towards the families who are left behind. Families before who are very distant from one another had a very hard time communicating with each other but with the continuous development of technologies today, the relationship of the OFW and the individuals left behind grow stronger. Technology is a big part of connecting people with each other and it has lessen the loneliness of those people who were separated.

Today, the increase of Filipinos working abroad have led to the increase of relationships that are distant from each other. The main issue of OFWs is the relationship with their family. The issue of working abroad has been raised by different organizations already but it has never been resolved due to the concerns of Filipinos regarding the hardships of life.

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) website, around 9.5 million to 12.5 million or about 11 percent of the total Philippine population work overseas as of 2010. Around 13 million during 2011 were accounted for and as of August 2012, around 15.5 OFWs were listed.


The researchers have decided to conduct an interview wherein the participants would be asked to share their experiences and stories as an OFW using Facebook and Skype, and how it helps their communication with their loved ones.

Qualitative method will be used for this type of study since it tackles the main body of the content and does not really require mathematical analysis. The study is focused on the communication side of the individuals involved.

OFWs who have experiences in long distance relationships along with the status with their families who are left behind will be the priority of the study. Participants who have experiences in working abroad and those who...
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