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  • Published: March 15, 2013
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Park University
Rick’s Wicks

Executive Summary

A. Rick’s Wicks is located in the shopping center on Warm Springs Road in Columbus, GA. The phone number is 706 555-5555. B. XXX is the owner and manager of Rick’s Wicks. Mr. XXX is located at XXX C. Rick’s Wicks is a candle emporium that offers a wide variety of candles, candle holders, and candle making supplies. D. Rick’s Wicks intends to appeal to as large a market as possible by offering all major types of candles and candle paraphernalia. The variety of products offered includes those for; decorative purposes, therapeutic value, functional needs, collectable items, and make your own candles. E. Rick’s Wicks will build its success on the ability to satisfy all of their customers’ candle needs at reasonable prices in one location by a highly trained and courteous staff. F. Mr. XXX will have successfully earned his Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Troy University. All full time employees are experienced retail salespeople with additional training in the art of candle making. G. Rick’s Wicks will be financed through a personal investment of $50,000 from Mr. XXX with an additional $125,000 in funds obtained through a loan from the Small Business Administration.

Mission Statement

Rick’s Wicks is committed to light the way to beauty, harmony, inner peace and happiness one satisfied customer after another.

Industry Overview

Industry Analysis

1. Industry Background and Overview
The retail candle industry includes the sale of candles and various accessories. The candle sales can be grouped into five major categories; decorative, therapeutic, functional, collectable, and make your own candles. The accessories include; votive holders, decorative holders, display cases, candle snuffers, and candle molds. Decorative candles are...
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