Yankee Candle Company

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Executive Summary

Yankee Candle Company is the largest manufacturer of scented candles. The first store was first opened in 1975. Yankee Candle Company sells an array of products including scented candles, air and room fresheners, room sprays and lip balm. Yankee Candle Company has over 100 different scents in many various sizes. This spring Yankee Candle Company is introducing a new line of fragrances. The Spring into Action is a campaign that’s purpose is to help strengthen the brand Yankee Candle Company, promote the new spring line, and increase revenue by 4 percent from last year. Spring into Action is designed to reach our target audience in a clear, friendly way, so that Yankee Candle Company increases sales. The primary markets that Spring into Action are looking to target are middle aged women. The media that is going to be used to help reach this audience will be mostly on the internet, and also a few print ads. The internet ads will be on the websites like AOL, and Facebook. And Spring into Action will also use the new website Groupon. Groupon is a new website that allows business like Yankee Candle Company to promote their products without any money leaving their own pocket. This is an inexpensive way to reach new customers and let them know about Yankee Candle Company. Spring into Action will have many benefits to the Yankee Candle Company. Some of the benefits consist of heightening brand recognition, increase awareness of brand, favorable consumer reputation, and increasing sales 4 percent over last years sales.

II) Descriptions

A) Description of the product, service, company, or business Yankee Candle Company product mix includes candles, car vent sticks, fragrance oil, and room and air fresheners. The Spring into Action campaign is promoting the new line of spring fragrances. The width of the this new line would be all the new scents Yankee Candle Company has to offer, which include Country Lemonade, Fluffy Towel, Garden Hideaway, Orange Dreamsicle, Pink Sands, and Midnight Oasis. These new scents come in a variety of sizes, and are convent and easy to use. These long burning jars provide hour’s of warm, and relaxed comfort. B) Description of the client/advertiser

Yankee Candle Company was established in Massachusetts in the year 1975. Michael Kittredge was the founder and present day owner of Yankee Candle Company. Now Yankee Candle Company is the largest manufactures of scented candles in the United States. Yankee Candle Company distributes their product is the ways of mass merchandisers, online, and through company stores. Some of these mass merchandisers include Target, and Wal-Mart.

III) Objectives of campaign

The objectives of this campaign are to improve the profit in Yankee Candle Company. The Spring into Action campaign is looking to improve 4 percent over lasts year sales. The Spring into Action campaign will do this by introducing the new spring line. Spring into Action will introduce these new products by new ads that will be featured on websites like Groupon, AOL, and Facebook. Also Spring into Action will have a large spread in the Yankee Candle Company catalogs running from the months March to June, promoting the new line. Another objective of this campaign is to create a favorable image for Yankee Candle Company. The Spring into Action campaign is looking to advertise to new and repeating customers. The mailing and email lists will be used greatly in this campaign. Also by using the website Groupon, Spring into Action campaign will locate new customers easily.

IV) Identification of the target market

The target consumers of Yankee Candle Company are on women 30-50. We are targeting this group of people because of what activities these people like to do. The average middle aged woman is a person that likes to shop from themselves, others and their home. We will be providing the perfect product for their...
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