Adams Brand

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2. Company Profile A subsidiary of Warner Lambert Sales> $200 million Company production of caramel and tsiklas Great portfolio proϊontiko: • chewing gum(Dentyne, Chiclets, Trident) • breathing (lollies Certs, Clorets) • cough tablets(Halls, Rolaids) • other products (Sparkies mini-Fruits)Success factors: • high quality • dynamic marketing administration • focus on distribution, viewing in stores and merchandising • customer service


4. Market Characteristics Impulse purchase products Sales (Qty) with a declining trend due to changing demographic characteristics Increase in turnover through price increases Major intensive distribution Strategic role of shelf space The products offer high profit margins for retailers (25-36%)An important factor in choosing the retail trader is the brand awareness and the total individual offer. Six main competitors Indirect competitors such as chocolate are taken into account for the share on the shef.

5. Competitors Adams 9% Cadbury/ Nielson 14% 9% 15% Rowntree 6% Nabisco/ Hersey 22% Wrigleys 23% Effem Foods Richardson outlot Effem Foods: dangerous competitor, innovative character, a pioneer in matters of designed exhibition goods.

6. Distribution The 2/3 of distribution conducted through wholesalers The remaining 1/3 or sold directly or distributed in order to infinitely expandable wall .Retail chains are increasingly more power, with the result that now determine unilaterally the size of orders, delivery times and advertising. Historically, the sellers – infinitely expandable wall was long-term, win-win and was based on interpersonal contact Now, planogrammata, and infinitely expandable wall asking for detailson sales, profits and stock inventory (KPIs)The infinitely expandable wall become sellers through the sale of “ self space ”

7. 8 Key-Accounts...
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