The Tao of Timbuk2.

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  • Published: October 7, 2012
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1、 Consider the two categories of products that Timbuk2 makes and sells. For the custom messenger bag, what are the key competitive dimensions that are driving sales? Are their competitive priorities different for the new laptop bags sourced in China? Answer:

(1) There are three critical competitive dimensions that help sales. First, top quality is one of the most key competitive dimensions.Timbuk2 is designed for customers who prefer indestructible and durable bags. According to the materials in the textbook, the writer argues that “many Timbuk2 bags are worn daily for ad decade, or more, accompanying the owner through all sorts of defining life events”. Second, customization is another important competitive element. Customers can use Timbuk2 online official websites to customize bags which are designed by themselves, including bags framework, size, color and so on. It will lead customer to feel they can own their unique bags. Take size as an example. Since I use Timbuk2 websites to select laptop messenger bags and classic messenger bags, the websites give me three or four options in size. These sizes are designed for different laptop size and there are precise measurements from depth to width. Not only size but also color, the websites supply customers various panel colors and diversity fabrics. Third, delivery speed is the last key competitive dimensions. The Timbu2 Company’s delivery ability is more quickly than expected. Usually, customization will spend more time than directly purchase bags, however, Timbuk2 Company just need to spend two days to delivery bags because they have excellent cutters and sewers and they know how to coordinate efficiently their production line. (2) But, the competitive superiority of Timbuk2 Company will be different for the new laptop bags sourced in China. It will be hard to maintain and develop competitive dimension for Timbuk2 Company. First, Timbuk2 Company will be hard to delivery on time as they promise. The materials need to delivery products from China. The delivery time need to spend more than in U.S, such as the fastest global service of FedEx transfer products in 2 days from China to U.S. But considering local transfer products still need 1-2 days, Timbuk2 company will lost their delivery competitive dimension. Second, the distinguish feature of Timbuk2 bags is top quality. However, this competitive advantage will be hard to maintain. According to textbook, Timbuk2 claims that they will design new products but require more complex skills to build new products. Even Chinese factory promise that their craftspeople are hardworking, but the new laptop bags are never manufactured in Timbuk2 Company. If in the process of manufacture, Chinese factory will meet some problems they can’t solve and the quality is hard to maintain as Timbuk2 promised. 2、Compare the assembly line in China to that in San Francisco along the following dimensions(1)volume or rate of production,(2) required skill of the workers,(3) level of automation, and (4) amount of raw materials and finished goods inventory. Answer:

(1) The rate of production in San Francisco will be higher than in China. Not only the cutters and tailors are more familiar with process, but also Chinese factory will product more complex products. (2) The workers in Chinese factory need advanced skill than in San Francisco. Complex products require proficient skill than the past. (3) Comparing with San Francisco factory, Chinese factory need to invest a variety of expensive machines. New products need advanced machines to produce and San Francisco factory doesn’t have many new expensive machines and it lead to Timbuk2 find a Chinese factory to build new products. (4) The amount of raw materials in China will be higher than in San Francisco. Timbuk2 Company claims that they will produce new products with reasonable prices. The costs of warehouse and costs of raw materials in China are lower than in U.S. Considering...
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