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I. Company Overview3
Product Overview4 - 11
* General Protection Product4 - 5
* Sport Protection Product6 – 7
* Kids and Babies Product8 – 9
* After sun Protection Product10
* Mineral Protection Product11
II. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Strategies 12 - 13 * Segmentation and Targeting Strategies12
* Positioning Strategies13
III. Marketing Mix (4Ps)14
IV. Product and branding strategies15 - 19
* Product Assortment16
* Branding strategy & Identify type18
* Strategy for naming brands18
* Branding Strategies for new product19
V. Pricing Strategy 20 - 21
* Pricing Tactics for B2B20
* Pricing Tactics for B2C21
VI. Distribution Strategy22 – 23
* Distribution Intensity22
* Types of retailer23
VII. Sales Promotion and Advertising 24 - 26

Company Overview

Organization name: Banana Boat
Address: PO Box 100 Concord West, NSW, 2138

Banana Boat sunscreen in 2007 was the third largest sun lotion brand in the United States. In 2007, the original Banana Boat sunscreen made $38.7 million with market share of 3.36 percent. Also, in 2007 two flanker products made the industry’s top list: Banana Boat Sport made $30.3 million with a market share of 2.63 percent, and Banana Boat’s ultra-mist made $22.7 million with a market share of 1.97. Altogether they made $91.7 million with a percent of 7.96-market share. The 7.96 percent market share of the combined products ranks the Banana Boat brand second behind Coppertone brand products. The market share of Banana Boat has been steadily decreasing. Trends in the sunscreen market are continuing to grow quickly. In 2000, the market made $438.6 million worldwide and in 2007 made $1.15 billion. The increase in the market is an opportunity to increase the brand awareness.

Banana Boat sun care products feature advanced technology that provides safe and effective broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection that won’t break down in the sun. Each product is tested in the sun, not just a lab, to ensure photo stability and long-lasting, durable sun protection. Banana Boat products have carried The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation 3for almost two decades. Banana Boat has the whole family covered with a variety of sprays, lotions, stick and lip sunscreens in a range of SPF levels, as well as after sun products.

Banana Boat offers tropical imagery. The brand image is energetic and lively to create a sense of carefree fun when sun protection is necessary. When consumers think of Banana Boat they think of the physical form of a Banana Boat that incorporates the fun, carefree memories of summer, therefore the brand triggers memories of carefree fun in the sun while providing protection for the skin.

Product Overview
General Protection
Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30+ Pump Pack
Voted Product Of The Year! Winner Sun care Category. Survey of 5,000 people by TNS.Banana Boat® Everyday is a lightweight & moisturizing lotion, suitable for everyday family activities. Whether you are walking the dog or having a BBQ, keep this pump pack in the house or the backyard and you’ll never forget to apply sunscreen again! * SPF30+ high protection sunscreen * Lightweight and fast absorbing * Moisturizing with Vitamin E and Aloe * Fragrance free * 4 hours water resistant * Non-greasy broad spectrum protection against sunburn (UVB), skin damage and ageing (UVA) * Suitable for all day family use * Available in 400g pump pack * Pump packs also available in Kids & Sport|

Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30+
Voted Product Of The Year!Winner Sun care Category. Survey of 5,000 people by TNS.Banana Boat® Everyday is a lightweight & moisturizing lotion, suitable for everyday family activities. Whether you’re...
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