Topics: Cirque du Soleil, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Contemporary circus Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: February 3, 2011
Question 1: SWOT analysis for Cirque du Soleil
Unique product: shows communicate through style and tone that they are intended to do more than just amuse. Cirque design its own makeup and its high quality circus arts. Shows attract high audiences;

Creative employees make innovation on special waterproof makeup for the production of O; Diversity: performers recruited from all over the world;
High profit and cost advantage: Cirques spend little when they open and return with high profits, hotel and casino partners absorb up to 75% of Cirque’s product costs; Strong management team: they transformed a one-tour, one-residence Circus Company into an entertainment powerhouse with five simultaneous world tours and four permanent facilities in Las Vegas. Weakness:

Split about half of its profits with its hotel and casino partners; Simultaneous business may lead to loss of focus on entertainment; Target market fails to break even: 90% of the high-budget Broadway shows that strive to reach the same target market fail to break even. Opportunity:

Audiences are from all over the world;
Shows attract audiences with different ages;
Cirques can enhance hotel and casino partners’ sale.
Simultaneous business may influence its efficiency;
Other companies come up with innovative idea

Question 2: list and describe at least three keys to Cirque du Soleil’s competitive advantage. First, Cirque du Soleil use creativity and innovation to make it successful. For example, the production stall invents material such as the special waterproof makeup required for the production of O. Second, Cirque du Soleil invests in hotel and casinos so they can share with costs and profits, and also provide service to customers. Third, Cirque’s team of 32 talent scouts and casting staff recruits and cultivates performers from all over the world.

Question 3: explain how Cirque du Soleil implements, evaluates and controls the elements of its marketing plan?...
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