Uhuru Candles Case-Analysis

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UHURU Candles Case-Analysis

Brief Description of the Company

Uhuru candle company is a candle manufacturing enterprise in Kengolia. The manufacturing surroundings of this company is located in an industrial estate near the city. The day to day walking of this company has been taken over by the government of Kengolia under the aegis of KIDB.

UCC has now been put under the supervision of Mr Joseph Ziggundu.

Challenges faced by Mr Ziggundu

* For starters, there was absolutely no historical data available about the company on which Mr Zigundu will base his decisions on. All the records were lost during the transition of the company from the old owner to KIDB, which posed a big challenge.

* The total Kengolia Industrial Development Board(KIDB) budget was finalized before Uhiru came to their control. As a result of that, and the fact that they needed to get some other businesses up and running, they did not have any spare cash.

* Zigundu had inadequate infrastructure to carry out his business processes. Problems of his leaking roof are compounding his production woes.

* The supply distribution channel of Uhuru was very weak.

* Government regulations were not conducive for his business.

* Limited manpower, strict time limits and production wastage was also factors in the production.

How should Mr Ziggundu ideally face his challenges?

* In order to get off the ground, Mr Ziggundu has to rirst understand the manufacturing process form the scratch. * In order to then improve the manufacturing process, he needs to hire t he best labor in town. * He has to sit, with the hired workers, convince them of the companies viability and then get them to work on his vision. * Simultaneously he needs to set up a distribution network and initiate steps to sell Uhuru candles with reatailers. * He also needs to combat smuggling, that is eating into his margins.

How does Mr Ziggundu cope with the...
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