Salvation Army

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1. Background and mission of The Salvation Army:

The Singapore’s Salvation Army, a Christian non-profit organization, was established during 1935. It was first founded by William Booth; a London minister in 1865 and later spread itself around the world.

Salvation Army main motive is to help the mankind without racism. Its mission is “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination” with a slogan of “Heart to god, hand to men”.

Red Shield Industries Family Thrift Store:
They launched the Red shield Industries (RSI) Family Thrift Store, a social enterprise in 1996, reaching out to many different people in the society that are struggling to make ends meet. RSI helps to re-sell the donations item that are donated by the public through the 5 Salvation Army family thrift store. The amount that is generated will be given out to help Salvation Army social service and community programmed. For every dollar spent, 90 cents will go the needy people. Other than this, RSI is also actively involved in fundraising, helping disaster reliefs and receiving donations or sponsorship from supportive organization. According to Salvation Army 2011 annual report, RSI received 10 tonnes of donated items daily and that The Salvation Army had spent over $16.2 million to operate its social service and community programmed. (The Salvation Army, 2011)

2. SWOT Analysis
Strengths * Affordable price (low price). * Selling variety products. * Have a biggest store space among the other thrift store. * Money raised given to charity.| Weakness * Disorganization of the store display. * Products weren’t that attractive. * Inconvenient store that hardly to be reached by people. * Lack of management, marketing, and retailing. * There’s no attractive visual merchandising.| Opportunities * New employee being trained well before become a permanent employee. * Have an online shopping system. * Money and aid from other organization help.| Threats * High expectation of donations from donator. * Put a high hope on the products quality from the donator. * Amount of the donations will be depends on every season. * Mostly of the products weren’t able to use it in modern era like; now. * Other local Charity Thrift store competition. * Lack of loyal customers.|

3. Observation
Observation method is a very useful method for in-depth research, this Primary Research may help to clarify the information that gathered from Secondary Research.

Purpose of Observation:
The main purpose of this research:
* To understand and determine the current marketing mix of Salvation Army. * Identified the problems.
* Give a recommendation what and how should Salvation Army do to increase the traffic sell in the Singapore’s market.

The group’s researchers went to the retail store to observe by taking notes and picture as the proofment information. * Date and Time:
The observation was conducted on the 24th February 2012, 11am. * Location:
Bukit Merah Family Thrift Store to conduct the observation.

3.1 Findings:
1. Product:
Salvation Army receives any kind of products as the donation from people. The products donated weren’t in a good, satisfactory and resell able condition but some may be in a good condition to sell and brand new stuff with the original pack. There’re many variety of products, such as;

* Apparel; some are brand new and been worn. They carry few categories of apparel, such as; * Dresses
* Bottoms and Tops
* Shoes
* Bags
* Underwear

* Home Furnishing such as;
* Painting
* Decoration
* Bowl, plates, spoon, cup, forks, chair
* Books
* Dolls and Toys for kids

* Salvation Army gets a instruments donation, the instrument products were in a good condition and can be use but some may broken or some key tone weren’t working anymore. Instrumental such as;

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