Sales Promotion Techniques

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Sales Promotion Techniques

There are many sales promotion techniques that marketing firms direct toward trade and consumers. Sale promotions in trade are focused on the channels of which the product will be distributed. In a sale promotion with consumers it is directly towards someone. Various classifications of sales promotion techniques include discounts and deals, increasing industry visibility, price-based consumer sales promotions, and attention-getting consumer sales promotions.

Discounts and deals is a way for company’s to sell their product to others. There are several ways companies offer discounts and deals. One way of discounts is to reduce the amount charged for certain items that people buy. Others give deals like giving out coupons or give a two for one deal. These discounts and deals are advertised either in ads, television, radio, or even in ones house. For example, not too long ago a sales guy from Timer Warner Cable came to the house and offered a good deal on their services. The offer was it will provide cable, internet, and home phone for a low price of $99.99 a month instead of the just cable and internet for that same price that I would pay. Another way is for example when car dealers do their commercials they offer deals. For example, a Kia dealership here in Texas was offering people their car trade would be $3,000 no matter in what condition the car was in when one buys a new Kia. By doing the commercials the KIA Company had to pay to get their commercial out to the public by television so it was a trade. Also some stores offer a discount and deal on the amount of a certain product that one buys. For example, the toothpaste Colgate offers a deal if one buys two one can save about a dollar instead of buying one by one.

Increasing industry visibility is a way for a company to try and be visible in the industry. Trade shows are the best way to make the company go visible to people. There they can give out free products that...
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