Promotional Strategy

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Exploratory research Pages: 9 (2452 words) Published: February 20, 2013


Muhammad Fakhrizal Rukandi

A Final Project in Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Degree of Bachelor Management

Undergraduate Program of Management Study
School of Business and Management
Institute of Technology Bandung

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1.1 Background
Nowadays, café is one of the most demanded businesses. Café’s business development continues to grow day by day, so differentiation every café has its own advantages. For example, there are café for reading books, watch live music, watch football, meeting, or just as extra facility (such as in the workshop, or in the car saloon), etc. Café taken from French language, that means coffee, but later become a place where people can drink not only coffee but also other beverages. In Indonesia, café means a simple place, but quite interesting where people can also eat. Café regarding to common encyclopedia is a place that serve food and beverages or place used to eat. Café regarding to The New Collins Dictionary & Theosaurus is a cheap restaurant that serving an easy cooked food. Café is a place that similar to restaurant but has a special restriction. From definitions above author conclude that café is a place like restaurant with a smaller scope that serve food and beverages with variety facilities such as live music or free internet that provided for their customer. Hanging out with friends, or family definitely becoming something that makes us happy. Especially if it is we do in a relaxed atmosphere in a room or a special place. There are several ways you can do to it, especially the design space for a coffee, tea or a chat with the family, namely by: Create a comfortable sofa and put in seating space, the comfort it would certainly have made us feel at home and comfort to sharing stories. Put your stereo or home theater set in the corner of the room, where the sound effects are produced not disturb your ears nor anyone else was in the room. Put some ancillary equipment such as coffee maker, toaster, microwave or dispencer, which makes us easy to have drinks or warm food to be able to linger together. Create the atmosphere is not too bright and exotic with the right lighting. Can be placed lamp or standing lamp and other trinkets enough to read but perfect for hanging out together. If some of above things are done, they may be called a café. Beside for relaxing and hanging out with friends, café nowadays also become a place to work. University of British Columbia has recently launched a study on the effectiveness of the work based on the level of noise in the workplace. More than 300 participants were asked to complete a series of tasks to test the concentration of thought. At the same time, the noise level in the room is constantly changing, ranging from very quiet until the sounds were deafening. As reported by Genius Beauty, the participants proved to be more easily accomplishing tasks in a room that has a noise level of average sound. Atmosphere in café that were not so quite but not disturb the concentration able to make them more comfortable at the thought. “And the idea of just wandering off to a café with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss” J.K. Rowling (Author of Harry Potter)

1.2 Brief History of Kofielosophy Café
Most of restaurans and cafes in Bandung has wi-fi facilities nowadays. One of those cafes is Kofielosophy. It is located in Jl. Anggrek 36. Kofielosophy was established on June 2010. Since the owner of Kofielosophy love to work while relaxing, the owner builds a café that provide food, beverage, entertainment, background music, and also meeting room. There are a lot of cafes in Bandung, which provide wi-fi for work, but there are just a few which provide a meeting room inside the café,...
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