Effectiveness of Promotional Schemes

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  • Published : January 26, 2011
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Name :
Age : 18-30 ο 30-40 ο Above 40 ο
Profession :
Income :
3000-5000 ο 5000-7500 ο 7500-10000 ο  10000-15000 ο Above 15000 ο 1. Have you heard about the brand Grasim/Grasim Suiting?
Yes ο No ο
2. Have you ever seen the Advertisement of Grasim ?
Yes ο No ο
3. Where did you saw the Advertisement
On T.V. ο In Magazine ο  Hoarding ο Others ο
4. Does it provides the sufficient information about the product you needed ? Yes ο No ο Partially ο
5. Can you recall the content of Grasim Advertisement ?
Yes ο No ο Partially ο
6. What do you think about the consistency of Grasim’s advertisement ? Excellent ο Good ο  Average ο Poor ο
7. Which channel do you watch most frequently ?
DD1 ο DD2 ο  Zee T.V. ο Sony ο  Star Plus ο Zee News ο  Others ο 8. Have you ever heard about "Mr. India" "Mr. International" Contest organised by Grasim ? Yes ο No ο
9. Do you found these events as are effective advertisement medium ? Yes ο No ο Partially ο
10. What type of advertisement do you like the most ?
Personality Symbol ο Musical ο  Fantasy ο Life Style ο
11. Which other advertisement can you recall ?
Raymonds ο Siyaram ο Vimal ο OCM ο  Mayur ο Dinesh ο Grasim ο Digzam ο 12. Which advertisement is most consistent ?
Raymonds ο Siyaram ο  Vimal ο OCM ο  Mayur ο Dinesh ο  Grasim ο Digzam ο 13. Which brand in the fabric is the most frequently advertised on T.V. ? Raymonds ο Siyaram ο  Vimal ο OCM ο  Mayur ο Dinesh ο  Grasim ο Digzam ο 14. Have you purchased Grasim Product ?

Yes ο No ο
15. Have you satisfied with the product ?
Fully Satisfied ο Partially Satisfied ο  Dissatisfied ο
16. Do you know the new product launched by Grasim viz. coolers, WWF, SUMO ? Yes ο No ο
17. Do you recommend the product to others if you are satisfied with it ? Frequently ο Occasionally ο  When asked ο Never ο
18. Which Media do you like is the most efficient for advertising fabric ? Electronic ο Print ο  Outdoor ο Mail ο  Word of mouth ο 19. Do you feel good when you see...
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