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Topics: Han Dynasty, Three Kingdoms, Cao Wei Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: October 18, 2010
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5 Elements.
1) Powerful empire
2) Powerful army
3) Big trade industry
4) Most people were peasants
5) Large territories

After the reign of emperor Xian, the empire started to fall apart, starting with economic imbalances making the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Warlord Cao Cao tried to reunite the empire but failed when Cao’s heir overruled the emperor and started the reign of Cao Wei. Decline of the empire!

BY: Carlos Gonzalez

At the beginning of the empire, any male twenty-three and up could join the military but it was later changed to twenty. Soldiers went into a year of training and a year of service

in order to become soldiers. This powerful army took over most of eastern asia. Controlled by a governor in charge of that part of the empire.
Another big part of the Han dynasty was the military.
People in ancient china were very prosperous. It is also considered the second greatest Chinese dynasty. People in china were mainly Confucianist. Many technological advances were made during this dynasty. The emperor was very important in the Han dynasty but was sometimes over ruled by the empress, next came the kings and then the nobles. Most of their lives were controlled by the teachings of the ancient philosophers.

After this there were the local government consisting of providences of about one hundred families. The government of ancient china consisted of an emperor as commander in chief with officials to help him run...
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