Sales and Transaction Monitoring System

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Current Approaches to the Problem

Over a year, Maine Haven Enterprises has succeeded and gain bigger consumer and because of bigger demands, the business needs to have a more organized and systemized process to monitor sales transactions.

As a solution to the problems, the proponents suggests to create a sales monitoring system that will help Maine Haven Enterprises to automate the storage of information and manage the sales as well as to minimize errors of manual computations.

The proposed system monitors the business income, and generates accurate information regarding the sales and breakdown of expenses. The proposed system has the capability to automatically compute the total sales of the business per day. It also provides updates of the customer’s information and order list using the database and provides a quick access to the records and automates manual process of the business. It also has the feature that only the administrator will have the access to the records of the business.

With the use of the proposed system, Maine Haven Enterprises can perform business processes more efficiently and easier. The proposed system will also enable the owner to manage and monitor the revenue of the business as well as to lessen the time spent of the owner in computations.

Significance of the Study

The Sales Monitoring System is a computerized system that manages and updates the sales of Maine Haven Enterprises. It will also automate manual computation of revenue and expenses every month. This proposed Sales Monitoring System can benefit the following:

Maine Haven Enterprises
oThe proposed system will benefit the business by producing accurate information and manage sales transactions effectively. The proposed system will also save time to computations.

Future Researchers
oThis study will serve as a reference for those who want to improve the propose system and add features to the system.

Scope and Delimitation

The study only focuses in providing a computerized sales monitoring system for Maine Haven Enterprises. The proposed system keeps records of the client’s information, customer’s order list that is stored in the database and automatically updates the data.

The proposed system automatically computed the total amount of revenue per day that includes breakdown of expenses. The proposed system can also generate accurate information that determines the sales of the business for every month and enable the owner to have a quick access to the information.

But because of time constraints, the proponents only focus on sales transactions of Maine Haven Enterprises and though billing and inventory system are related to the process, the proponents decided not to include in this system.

The proponents created the documents of the information gathered and analyses that represents the system proposal for Maine Haven Enterprise. The proposal describes the business needs that the proposed system should meet. With the help of the proposal, the team has clearly described the improvements and automation that will be made for Maine Haven Enterprise.

System Design
Based on the analysis, the proponents decides on how the system will work with hardware, software and other specifications such as programs, user interface, forms, database and files that will be needed in working with the project. Process, the proponents had come up to the idea that information entered will be automatically saved in the database. The proposed system will be designed to enable the owner to monitor the daily sales and provides updates of the customer information and product list using the database. This database secures that the information is accurate.

System Implementation
During in which the system is being built, is the last phase of the project development. This phase is the most longest and expensive for it gets the most attention of the...
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