Development and Implementation of Database Sales and Inventory System

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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in
Systems Analysis and Design with Prototyping

Submitted by:
Canut, Kevin Lloyd R.
Maniwang, Al
Nery, Neil Anthony
Alvarez, Sian

Submitted to:
Roy B. Callope

2nd Semester, S. Y. 2011 – 2012

I. Introduction

A. Company Background

It all start in 1989 they started with a small amount of RTW they decided to start a small business after the marriage of Mr. And Mrs. Nery, at first they start their business having the only hope to make this business succesful but the business turns to a good feedback they hire a new stafs to make the job easier and fast Until the days month and year past the business still in the ground the production becomes bigger and the supplies also having a high quality product.

But after a few year things becomes harder it all change when their sons growing up the financial problem also growing up the salary that they receive from their own company was not sufficient to support their family needs. Until the day that they decide a decision a decicion that will change everything. The owner of the company Mr.Vincent Nery and Mrs.Gerly Nery decided to have a new stall in baclaran to have a double income salary to support their financial needs

Till now their company still stand on the ground and they having a lot of supplier for their product raw material and they do now Wholesale for their customer thats why they having big company customer and they serve as the supplier for the other company the product that they sell was become more affordable and quality satisfaction for the customer.

Service & Facilities

The Factory of Mr. & Mrs. Nery can be seen behind their house a 3 storey building

The ground floor also known as the storage room contains all the material needed in

making a short like the different kinds of fabric like pranela, cotton, and checkered can

be seen there and also they put a divider on that floor for to place their damage product

so that their subcontractor can reclaim it.

The second floor is known for the stockroom contains the all of their stocks including

the Printed Short, Checkered Short, Tokong, Large Cotton Short, Large Pranela Short,

Boxer Short, and Pedal Shorts and they also placed their all of their subcontractor

ungarterized short.

The third floor contains the 10 sewing machine, 10 garter machine 5 high speed sewing

machines and different color of sewing thread and garter are also in there.

The food service facilities are located in the in front of the building for the convenience

of the personnel.

Located in fully Air-Conditioned rooms at the factory is the office of Mrs. Nery a room

which includes a 2 fireproof cabinet where she kept all the transaction record of their

customer in baclaran

There stall in baclaran are located in Two Mall Shopping Center in 2nd floor block

Mission Statement

• To achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do. Our number

• one priority and commitment is therefore to offer, at all times, a world class service which enables out supliers and customers to increase their business and reach sales targets.

• To approach all client project with competitive creativity and flair and to service our clients to the highest professional level.

Vision Statement
Vinger Garment Company Services.
• Retail and wholesale

• Delivery

• Produce good quality product

| | | | |Organizational Chart | |President...
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