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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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E-mail to my friend
Hi my dear friend Murad.
How do you do? I haven”t bee in tuch witly you for a long time.I couldn”t writte you ,because I changed my peaces(city) for education.Now I am in England and atady at York University.Everything is very beautiful in here.People,education,city and everything is amazing.I want writte about Universities in the United Kingdom. Students normally enter university from age 18 onwards, and study for an academic degree. Historically, all undergraduate education outside the privateUniversity of Buckingham and BPP University College was largely state-financed, with a small contribution from top-up fees, however fees of up to £9,000 per annum have been charged from October 2012. There is a distinct hierarchy among universities, with the Russell Group containing most of the country's more prestigious, research-led and research-focused universities.. Unlike most degrees, the state still has control over teacher training courses, and uses its Ofsted inspectors to maintain standards. The typical first degree offered at English universities is the bachelor's degree, and usually lasts for three years. Many institutions now offer an undergraduate master's degree as a first degree, which typically lasts for four years. During a first degree students are known as undergraduates. The difference in fees between undergraduate and traditional postgraduate master's degrees makes taking an undergraduate master's degree as a first degree a more attractive option, although the novelty of undergraduate master's degrees means that the relative educational merit of the two is currently unclear. Do not worry about me.When you have time,please write.Because,I miss you and my native land.And I promise you will bring something for you from England as a keepsake. Thangs for reading in advance.

Say my best regards to your family sincerely
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