Sakae Sushi Business Plan

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Sakae Sushi Business Plan

By: Lu Mi (12668064) Zhou Ke Jun (12618536)
Aditya Nandal (1266)
Mayank Bhardwaj(12669440)

Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective marketing, sales strategy, target customers, production cost, expenses and capital requirements of Sakae Sushi. It is an in depth report that discusses about the rise of Sakae Sushi as one of Singapore’s major restaurant chains. This report talks about the methods implemented by Sakae Sushi to attract customers during the time of the Asian financial crisis.

This report contains financial statements of Sakae Sushi; it also contains information related to the costs involved in running the business, i.e. expenses, salaries and cost of raw materials, etc. It also contains information about the management team of Sakae Sushi and it provides insights of the industry and the company on the whole.

Also discussed here are the various products and services offered at Sakae Sushi and the methods implemented by them to promote and advertise their brand to the masses.

At the end there are a few questions addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of Sakae Sushi, Mr. Douglas Foo Peow Yong, which will help us to gain first hand knowledge about Mr. Foo and also about Sakae Sushi. It will also help young and budding entrepreneurs to understand how to analyze the market and make right decisions from time to time.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Overview of the Industry
3. Insights on the Company
4. Market/Product Positioning
5. Products and Services offered
6. Marketing (4 P’s)
7. Sales
8. Business Development Status
9. Production Process
10. Suppliers
11. Staff training and requirements
12. Expenses and Capital Requirements
13. Balance Sheet
14. Income Statement
15. Cash Flow Statement
16. Balance sheet & cash flow statement of Sakae Holdings 17. Financial Highlights
18. Management Profile
19. Board of Directors
20. Funding Request and Exit Strategy
21. Risks and Contingency Planning
22. Recommendations

Sushi is a Japanese specialty that consists of boiled vinegar rice wrapped around by a sheet of seaweed usually dry seaweed. Sushi is the most famous Japanese food found outside Japan. In Japan sushi is portrayed as a traditional food, the Japanese people enjoy various types of sushi during several occasions. For example oshi-zushi, which is made by pressing fish onto the sushi rice in a wooden box, inari-zushi is a very simple and most inexpensive type of sushi in which the rice is filled into deep fried tofu, chirashi-zushi is another variety of sushi in which seafood, mushrooms and vegetables are added over the sushi rice (, 2008).

The main ingredients involved in preparing sushi are Shari that consists of short white-grained Japanese rice mixed with a dressing consisting of rice-vinegar, sugar and salt. Next ingredient is Nori, which is basically black seaweed wrappers; it is a type of algae very common in the harbors of Japan. It mostly involves the use of fish tuna, being the most common and also the chef’s specialty. Other seafood’s like shrimp, octopus, squid and crabs are used in preparing sushi. There can be more ingredients added to sushi by just adding them to the rice before it is rolled with the seaweed. One can use the bamboo mat for making the sushi roll (, 2008).

Sakae Sushi was first introduced during the Asian financial crisis when almost all of the major Asian economies were going through a phase of turmoil. Mr. Douglas Foo Peow Yong, the Chief executive officer of Sakae Sushi opened the first...
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