Marketing Strategy Report of Panda Restaurant Group

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Chinese cuisine, Restaurant Pages: 12 (3630 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Marketing Strategy Report of Panda Restaurant Group

As the largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant company in U.S., main business of Panda Restaurant Group Inn. covers 39 states or region. In the period of fast expansion, PRG always keeps its traditional features and carries out the modern corporation management. However, PRG also faces so many challenges caused by diverse cultures and market changes. This research provides marketing strategies for PRG after the analysis of External Environment Trends, Internal Analysis and Consumer Behavior.

Key Words: External Environment Trends, Consumer Behavior, Market Segmentation, Target Segment, SWOT analysis,
4P analysis.

1.1 Mission Statement:
“Deliver exceptional Asian dining experiences by building an organization where people are inspired to better their lives” is Panda’s Mission. Unlike some other restaurant companies with Chinese backgrounds, Panda Restaurant Groups Inn. Seems more People-oriented, it always put people at the forefront of its success, investing in countless tools for professional advancement as well as personal growth. The company’s significant expansion plans mean unparalleled opportunities for those with a passion for Panda.

PRG’s company values are being proactive, respect/win-win, growth, great operations and giving. In fact, Panda has been committed to delivering on this commitment to every consumer and partner for a long time. Panda not only want to satisfied its customers, it but also want to promote its own corporate cultures and stories to customers and get their positive feedback in order to encourage each other to better their lives.

It is no doubt that PRG is a “mixed-blood”. Between American cultures and Chinese traditions, there is a huge gap. Panda wants to show both characteristics of two kinds of cultures and values. In the future, Panda want to undertake more responsibilities to contribute to the consumer, the partner, the media and the government.

1.2 Marketing Goals:
Expand Franchisee Business with traditional Chinese food and culture around U.S..

2.1.0 External Environmental Trends:
According to the British research company Mintel Group Ltd’s report, the most important trend for 2011 will be “healthier menu items” due to a new law that requires every big restaurant chain in the nation must put calorie information on their menus and drive-through signs. Because of this law, the researchers say the biggest food service trend of 2011 may be “walking the fine line between open disclosure and customer satisfaction”. On the occasion of the last period of 2011, although there are some people still suspecting the accuracy of predictions which come from Mintel’s report or hold different views. Obviously, consumers start to concerned about food safety, healthy eating and nutritional value of their diet more and more. Because of it, we can summarize that “more healthy food” has become the greatest feature and trend of American restaurant industry. From the reactions and executions restaurant industry reflect after the new law on listing calories information has been issued, we can recognize the influence of the political power clearly. In fact, there are some important policies will affect the restaurant industry deeply. The Wall Street Journal CEO Council which is consist of CEO members come from different industries convene a meeting periodically. After the analysis of the short-term challenges facing the global economy, they always provide recommendations to the U.S. government. In the recent years, the top priority of the group include rewriting the U.S. corporate tax code and changing U.S. immigration policies to allow foreign students educated in the U.S. to stay and work in this country. Perhaps, somebody will suspect the influence of the two policies on restaurant industry. Actually, everybody should not ignore the relevance among them. Behind the policy of rewriting corporate tax code, the...
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