Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People Tda 2.2

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Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people TDA 2.2


1.1 In terms of safeguarding the welfare of children can you identify (ie name, with a sentence of explanation) the current legislation?

Children’s Act 1989 – This Act tells you the responsibility of parents and professionals to make sure a child is safe. •Education Act 2002 – This Act tells you the responsibility of all people working in educational positions ie. LEA, governing bodies, head teachers and people working in schools to make sure a child is safe. •Children’s Act 2004 – The purpose for this act is to make children safer and improve the wellbeing of children.

1.1 Can you identify relevant government guidelines including those for e-safety?

UKCCIS – This gives you guidelines on internet safety for organizations and Internet Service Providers to help parents and children get reliable information about internet safety. It encourages organizations to tell parents and children how to lessen risk, what to do and where to report any concerns they may have. •Byron Review - This is about children and young people’s needs. It protects the child’s right to take the risk that shape part of their development through playing video games and surfing the net safely.

1.1 Can you identify relevant policies and procedures from your setting?

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

A member of staff who knows or suspects a child may have been harmed must report any concerns to the Safeguarding Officer. •Staff must not question a child but if a child speaks to a staff member about abuse there is a list of things that should be followed. •When there is a possibility of a child being abused as much information as possible should be recorded.

‘Legislation, guidelines and policies place a duty on all those working in schools to ensure the health, safety and security of children in their care.’ (Burnham, 2010, P15)

1.2 Describe the roles of a...
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