Rural and Urban (Reaction)

Topics: Sociology, Want, Third World Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: July 3, 2011

Philippines being a third world country strive for development and hunger for progress. Since the discussion in the article is not quite familiar to me, I just focus on its content based on what I understood. It says that we need to handle modernization properly to have a so-called progressive country. Well, Is modernization totally answers the problem in our society?

There are many programs that our government established to promote development and eliminate poverty. Being a archipelago, agriculture is the primary source of income for our laymen, small farmers are not getting enough pay for their families but they have this big contribution on nation building. As population rapidly grows, everything should be as fast as to increased production to sustain the needs of the society. Reproduction of labor power as women did in the article is good enough to help the nation. Programs are effective if people do follow what the program offers for their benefits. So that good decision making can really affect the impact of the program and it follow through. In the article it says that women have part in the frame work of daily operations in the agriculture.

Now a days, our country needs a lot of effort if we want to sustain development and industrialization. It’s not the population that intervene the progress but the values of every Filipino especially the officials in the higher rank. If these will be resolve Philippines will be no longer in the third world.
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