Poverty in the Philippines: Cause and Outcome

Topics: Poverty, Food security, Economics Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Poverty is a state of being poor and indigent. Or we simply say it is the inability of an ordinary individual to afford basic needs to survive such as food, clothing, shelter, health care and quality education. Poverty puts people into the lowest level in a society. Poor people, most of the time, are neglected by the government, shunned by the society and does not given enough opportunities to prosper. They live in a dirty environment, living among a community of desperate and criminals. Poverty remains the central development issue in the Philippines, despite the ambitious development goals of the government, the country has not been able to sustain the economic growth required to reduce poverty due to these main factors: Overpopulation; in economics, growing population can result from limiting amounts of resources just for example, a certain number of people lives on a given area of land that number depends on how much food and resources the land can provide. Now, if the population on that particular area raises, the place will be divided, the large area will be occupied as a shelter and the other one will be used for agriculture business for example. As a result, great possibility of shortage on resources available comes out or the worst, the land cannot bear enough to supply the needs of the growing population., second factor is corruption; since before, political leadership in the Philippines has always been drawn from those who are rich, powerful and influencial or what we called elites , and those politicians have traditionally played the role of patrons and benefactors , relying on the pork barrel and personal /family funds (often acquired through corruption ) to essentially buy votes . The core principle of democracy - that representatives should be drawn from those they represent and advocate for the true interests of their constituents - has not been operative
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