Royal Selangor

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1.0 Introduction 3
1.1 Background3
1.2 Problem Statement4
1.3 Research Question6
1.4 Research Objective 6
1.5 Justification7
2.0 Literature Review7
3.0 Research Methodology11
3.1 Sampling Method11
3.2 Exploratory Research and Qualitative Analysis12
3.3 Secondary Data13
3.4 Observation Method14
3.5 Survey Research15
4.0 Data Analysis16
5.0 Conclusion18
6.0 Appendix19
7.0 References20

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
Royal Selangor was founded in Malaysia in 1885 by Yong Koon; the Royal Selangor pewter factory is based in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur with a workforce of more than 300 skilled craftspeople.

During Yong Koon’s time, items made were mainly for ceremonial used“such as joss sticks holders, incense burners and candle stands for the altars of Chinese homes and temples. With the British colonials in Malaya, the offering expanded to tankards, ashtrays and tea services. The brand was then known as Selangor Pewter.

In the 1970s, the company was starting to export; firstly to Singapore, Hong Kong and then Australia. Towards the 1980s, the market expanded into Europe and later to Japan. In the late 70s, the company diversified - extending its business to the design, manufacture and marketing of precious jewellery and also hallmarked sterling silver.

Under the names of Selberan Jewellery and Comyns, each individual company strives to create things of beauty, maintaining the tradition of excellence and innovation synonymous with the company.

Selangor Pewter then changed its name to Royal Selangor in 1992 to reflect the royal endorsement from HRH The Sultan of Selangor Darul Ehsan and its diverse product offerings which had extended beyond pewter.

A reputation for uncompromising quality, Selberan Jewellery has a team of qualified gemmologists, designers and craftspeople trained by European master jewellers. Renowned for its beautiful designs, Selberan has won more than twenty design award.

One of the oldest and most prestigious manufacturing silversmiths in the world, Comyns was acquired by Royal Selangor in 1993, together with its magnificent archive of over 35,000 drawings, patterns and moulds. From the miniature to the monumental, Comyns continues to make objects of the finest quality for discerning individuals around the world.

Always staying ahead of the curve, the company has a strong design team that creates new collections yearly. In delivering a wider selection to its customers, Royal Selangor also collaborates with international talents such as Erik Magnussen and Nick Munro, who have designed new collections infused with their creative hallmarks.

In addition to the wide selection sold at retail, Royal Selangor custom-makes exclusive pieces for corporations and individuals. Its trophies have graced the winner’s podium for world class events such as the World Cup Golf 1999, 16th Commonwealth Games; Shanghai ATP Masters 1000 and the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Malaysia, Singapore and China. The company was also appointed licensee for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Millennium Collection and the 2006 Germany FIFA World Cup, creating exclusive merchandise to commemorate these spectacular events.

Distributed worldwide from its home base in Malaysia, Royal Selangor exports to more than 20 countries, with its own retail shops in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Australia. Royal Selangor is also found in fine stores such as Wako and Mitsukoshi in Japan as well as Harrods and John Lewis in the United Kingdom.

1.2 Problem Statement
The recession that was struck on our economy in the 3rd quarter of year 2008 was a big test to all the company around the world. The declaration of recession to the world was happened after the fallen of Lehman Brother. Therefore, this recession was a test to examine the...
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