Tesco Customer Service

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Tesco, Customer service Pages: 39 (11115 words) Published: June 15, 2010
Table of Contents


Chapter 1
1. Introduction and Background to the study1 - 2
2. Reasons to chosen the topic2 - 3
3. Research Aims / Objectives3
4. Importance of the study4
5. Scope of the study4 - 5
6. Limitation of the study5
7. Structure of the study6

Chapter 2
Literature Review

2.1Introduction7 - 9
2.2What is Customer Service9 - 10
2.3What does customer care really mean10 - 15
2.4Why Service excellence is important15 - 17
2.5Who really deliverers Customer Service17
2.6Why trust is important17 - 18
2.7Why do we measure customer satisfaction18
2.8Supermarkets and the customer service within the
supermarkets18 - 21
2.9Tesco’s strategy to motivate their employees to offer
excellent Customer service to their customers22
2.10Tips for good customer service23 - 26

Chapter 3

3.2Purpose of the study27
3.3Research Instrument27 - 28
3.4Research Approach28
3.5Data collection29

Chapter 4
Findings and analysis of data

4.1 Introduction30
4.2Tesco and it’s rapid successes 30 - 36
4.3 Findings and analysis of preliminary data36 - 37
4.3.1Presentation and analysis of customers’ preliminary data37 4.3.2 Customers’ shopping pattern37 - 39
4.3.3 Customers’ view towards the Tesco organisation39 - 44 4.3.4 Personal characteristics of customers44 - 46
4.4Presentation and analysis of manager’s preliminary data47 4.4.1Managers views towards staff and their performance47 - 48 4.4.2Managers’ Personal Characteristics48
4.5Presentation and analysis of staff’s preliminary data48 - 50 4.5.1Staff’s Pesonal Chracteristics50

Chapter 5
Summary, Recommendations and Conclusions

5.2Summary51 – 52
5.3Recommendations52 – 55
5.4Conclusion55 – 56

Bibliography57 - 58


Although words could not fully express my gratitude for the many people who have inspired, supported, and encouraged me to do my dissertation, I would like to acknowledge a few of those special people here. First, I would like to thank Dr. Joel Barema, Student Director, who supervised this case study and for all the support given to do my studies. I should mention that sometimes he scarified his break time to help me out. I would like to thank the Managers in Tesco Watford Branch who responded to the questionnaire and all the help given me to collect data from their staff. Further I like to thank all the customers, Tesco staff, friends and relatives who responded to the questionnaire without any hesitation. I also like to thank my researchers who helped me to collect data free of charge. I like to thank my friends Ian and Matina for correcting my dissertation. Last but not least I would like to thank my wife Shirani and my mother in law, Irangani, for checking and correcting my grammar and typing my dissertation. Evaluation of Tesco Customer Service and its effect on the organisation: A case study of Tesco Stores in Watford

Chapter 1

1.1 Introduction and Background to the study

The general purpose of this research investigation is to identify, describe and analyse factors that have an effect on the Tesco organisation regarding customer service retention in Watford.

Tesco was started in 1919 by Jack Cohen at East End of London and the first Tesco brand came to the market in 1924. Jack Cohen brought a Tea shipment from T.E Stockwell and Jack used the first three letters of supplier’s name (TES) and first two letters of his name (CO) to make his company name as TESCO. In 1929 Jack managed to open his first Tesco store in Burnt Oak, Edgware, Middlesex in 1947 and entered into the London Stock Exchange as a Tesco Stores (Holdings) Limited. In 1951 and 1957 Tesco opened their first...
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