Rubber Glove Industry Report

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1.0 Overview
1.1 History of rubber industry
In 1876, tThe 25-year rubber era was brought to a close thanks to Englishman Henry A. Wickham, who took 70000 rubber-tree seeds out of Brazil in 1876. (Transporting seeds across borders has since been outlawed.) The seeds were planted in Kew Gardens in England. The .he rubber was brought by Henry A. Wickham who took 70000 rubber tree seeds from Brazil. The seeds were planted in Kew Gardens in England and a few of the seed germinated were transplanted in Malaysia. Within 30 years Malaysian rubber ended the Brazilian monopoly. In 1877, Kuala Kangsar was the main of the Malaysian rubber industry. The British president Hugh Low planted nine rubber trees. In 1899, Trang is positioned very close to the Malaysian border, bringing a touch of Malay flair to its way of life. Back in 1899, Trang was the first province in Thailand to be planted with Malaysian rubber trees. Plantations proliferated, and Trang soon became an ...Trang was the first province in Thailand to be planted with Malaysian rubber trees. Plantations proliferated and Trang became an important centre for the rubber trade. In 1957, Which Was Formed In 1957. The Company Has More Than 30 Years Experience In Manufacturing Rubber Stamp Materials And Also Helping Rubber Stamp Makers In The Setting Up Of Rubber Stamp Making Businesses. Now The Company Is One Of The Major ...the major suppliers in Malaysia Rubber Stamp Industry are the company which has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing rubber stamp materials and helping rubber stamp makers. The rubber business had grown in Brunei, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Middle East. On 8 Dec 2007, Mr.Loh Pang Chai was a Senior Officer and Senior Research Officer in Malaysian Rubber Board. On 22 Jan 2009, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was the world's third-largest rubber producer. 1.1.1 History of rubber glove industry

In 1876, Sir Henry Wickham brought rubber seeds from British and planted it in Malaysia. Malaysia Rubber Export introduced Malaysia Glove Manufacturers On 13 Oct 1987, the Malaysian Rubber Products Manufacturers' Association recognizes the need for a national standard for gloves to ensure quality control and high standards. On 24 Jul 1988, the Malaysian government has approved the construction of more than 150 new plants to produce latex gloves. On 28 July 2008, Malaysia’s rubber glove exports are forecast to grow by five per cent this year it’s slowest in six years as the industry faces lower profits

1.2 Growth Pattern
In early year 1970, Malaysia was the largest exporter for supplying about 80% of latex concentrate to the total global needs while domestic consumption was as less than 5% of the local output. However by 1989, Malaysia became the world’s largest consumer of natural rubber latex. The major natural rubber consuming industries in Malaysia is rubber glove industry. Malaysian rubber glove industry has a phenomenal growth in the year 1990 were attributed to the AIDS outbreak. Besides that in year 1987, rubber gloves are also the 'universal precautions' as mandated by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the US. So, healthcare institutions in U.S. there began demanding large quantities of rubber medical gloves. These issues had caused a rapid increase in consumption of rubber for the manufacture of medical gloves in East Asia. Malaysia is one of the producing countries which seized the opportunity to expand the rubber based industry and performed well in last two decades. As a result, Malaysia currently the world's ninth largest consumer of all rubber and has established itself as the leading producer and exporter of rubber gloves in the global market. Malaysia top five biggest glove manufacturers are Top Glove Corporations, Supermax Corporation, Kossan Rubber Industries, Hartalega Holdings and Latexx Partners. According to the Department of statistics Malaysia, the global demand...
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