Royal Selangor

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R Bes Pewter founded in 1885 by Yong Koon, his little shop called Ngeok Foh (Jade Peace), handcrafted pewter objects mainly for ceremonial use - such as joss sticks holders, incense burners and candle holders for altars of Chinese homes and temples.

The pewter objects sold by Yong Koon were polished with "stone leaf" (tetracera scandens), a wild tropical leaf of a fine, abrasive nature. With the arrival of British colonials, the offering expanded to include tankards, ashtrays and tea services. The brand was then known as Selangor Pewter. In the 1970s, the company started exporting, first to Singapore and Hong Kong and then to Australia. Towards the 1980s, the market expanded into Europe and later into Japan. In 1992, the company changed its name to Royal Selangor to reflect its royal endorsement from His Royal Highness The Sultan of Selangor that time, Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, and to reflect its diverse product range, which has extended beyond pewter and the name Royal Selangor still remain until now and it has been 115 years in the industry.


Obviously, we can see that the RBesM market has been decreasing from time to time. That is from 2001 it shows 83%, in 2002 it decrease by 1.6%, in 2003 also decreasing to 79% by means it reducing by 2.4% and the current year 2004 it decline by 7% making it market share decrease to 72%. RBesM market share declining year by year is because of there are an increasing numbers of competitors in the same industry as well as the increasing in the number of companies selling other products including gifts, jewelry and other metal products. As the numbers of competitors rose or the earnings of companies decreasing, the market shares of RBesM also decreasing.

Customers always look for some products that have the quality as well as the uniqueness of the product but it have to come with an affordable price. Prices determine everything where when the...
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