Role of Training in Women Entrepreneurship

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Management Pages: 7 (2066 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Role of Training in Women Entrepreneurship

Shikha Arora

Key words: Training , Analysis, Case Study , Porter’s five forces framework , PESTLE Analysis , Support system , Key Challenges ,Current trends and road ahead.
This study involves the origin of Women Entrepreneurship, its present state and its scope in the future. Existence of Women Entrepreneurship has shown a number of challenges faced by different class of women in India on the way of making their stand in the Business world, discussing the Porter’s five force framework i.e. 1. Threat of bargaining power of buyer 3. Bargaining power of supplier 4. Threat of substitute product or services 5. Intensity of rivalry between industries. And how the various general and specific skills and trainings after thorough Analysis, come handy to overcome the Women Entrepreneurship challenges. An attempt has been made to analyze a case study on different areas in training, their availability, adequacy, various resources, tools, effectiveness, current trends and Return on Investment in to Women Entrepreneurship Rational behind this initiative is also to examine the various support systems using PESTLE Analysis (Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental) factors, how they impact on Women Entrepreneurship and vice versa.

1Traits of Women Entrepreneurs in India
2Increase in the level of Women Entrepreneurship in India
3Case Study
4How to plan right training for Women Entrepreneurs
5Training Required for Women Entrepreneurship: Components
6Trainings Available
7Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurs can be made, not born. I have been able to harden my ideas in the crucible of entrepreneurial participant’s faculty and Business builders. “ David Gallimore
Sr Manager , Boeing Ventures

So if the entrepreneurs can be made , somebody has to train them , here we realize the importance of training . Last two decades the number of women entrepreneurs has increased . Women has made their presence felt in all the areas of life , they are changing the face of the business today .There are number of challenges which comes on the way however the feminine courage and the boldness blankets it all.

Methods and flow of study
This paper reviews on : based on the second data .
Traits and the characteristic of the women to be an entrepreneur. Increased level of Women Entrepreneurship.
Case Study : Shahnaz Hussain – Indian Women Entrepreneur.
How to plan right training for women Entrepreneurs .
Trainings available the market
Challenges faced by women Entrepreneurs in India
Road ahead for Women Entrepreneurship in India and their effect on (PESTLE) and vice versa
Traits of Women Entrepreneurs in India:
Many women are moving towards Entrepreneurship , We can mainly classify them as “ the Initiator “ – One who establishes the business herself , “The Inheritors” women who acquire or inherit business from the family .Women who start up the business are on the forefront , who start the business with their families are either behind the scene or work for her man’s success , and last but not the least women who grows part time or fast growing firms . Earlier the studies showed some major difference between the men and women Entrepreneurship . However the recent studies suggested there are more similarities between men and women entrepreneurship in terms of psychological and demographical characteristics. The majority of women business owners operate enterprises in the service sectors, whereas the majority of male business owners operate enterprises in non service sectors, particularly manufacturing. Researches have shown that women owned business tend to be more gender balanced than the men owned business an investment in women's entrepreneurship is an investment in the economic independence and well-being of all...
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