Gender Issues in Corporate World

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Management Pages: 14 (4855 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Managing Gender Issues in Corporate
Author: Shobhna Jha ,Asst Prof, Sabar Institute of Management Dr B. K Nirmal, Prof, Sabar Institute of Management Gender equality refers to the equal valuing of the roles of women and men. It works to overcome the barriers of stereotypes and prejudices so that both sexes are able to equally contribute to and benefit from economic, social, cultural and political developments within society. Traditionally, there was a misconception about woman’s ability to balance her work and personal life but now in 21st century we see lot many women, who have committed themselves to the success and growth of different organizations. Women have made their presence felt in every area. The contribution of women as a leader is essential in every sector for success and prosperity of nations across the world. In spite of these changes at the workplace we find the organization mostly crowded by male candidates and women are very few in number struggling hard to survive in the organization. Be it nature or nurture, by the time most women and men make it to the workplace, their life experiences and expectations have been different in certain gender - based ways. Women are facing the problem like sexual harassment at workplace, sitting late at office balancing work and family life. This article discusses the problems faced and handled by females at the workplace, women empowerment in the corporate world. How presence of female employees in the organization affects the policies and organizational structure, various opportunities available for women in the current scenario. The article will also talk of some sectors like banking, IT, education sector where women are not only predominant in number but are also front – runners and emerging as leaders in respective fields. Increased worldwide competition and changing workforce demographics have forced organizations to recognize the need to change the organizational structure and norms so that a woman can very well fit into it. Organisations lose women is proportionately because definitions of what is right and good in the workplace are almost based on masculine model. Women eventually feel unappreciated and undervalued and they don’t stick around. This paper attempts to discuss various ways to attract and make them stay more at the workplace like jobs

should have work related targets rather than time based working, time flexibility, working from home etc to benefit the organizations and ultimately the society.

Men and women are totally different from each other .One of the best selling book of John Gray Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus suggest that men and women’s that men and women have fundamentally different psyches, which determines the manner with which they communicate, interact with others, and respond to various situations. The book details the differences between how men and women process emotions, handle stress, and communicate needs and feelings. These differences give rise to gender issue at workplace. Gender is the difference between men and women as perceived by the society. Men are conventionally shown in an active role in a society whereas women are portrayed more as a cosmetic element in spite of the fact that equality between men and women was officially recognized as a global goal by the world community in the Charter of the United Nations in 1945, and was later confirmed in several treaties, conventions and agreements, most notably the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Beijing Platform for Action, which was endorsed by UN Member States at the Fourth World Conference on Women: Equality, Development and Peace, held in 1995. This Platform recognizes gender equality as both a human right and a core development issue. The accumulated empirical evidence demonstrates the centrality of gender equality for equitable and sustainable development and poverty reduction.3 States that...
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