Role of Students in Pakistan Movement

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  • Published: December 2, 2012
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Assignment #1
Subject: pak &Islamic studies Class: BSCS-1C Last Date: 01-10-2012. Max. Marks: 10 Instructor name: Dr. Mahboobullah Date: 17-09-2012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Instructions:

1. The assignment is research base so general in formations will not be appreciated. 2. Do not write more than five pages. One side of the page is considered one page. 3. No such assignment will be accepted which reveals the struggle of a single person. 4. No late assignment will be accepted without unavoidable excuse. 5. No re-take of assignment.

6. Write on the following format.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic:
Proposed reforms in the present politics

It is appreciated that the following points are discussed.
1. Definition of politics.
2. Politics with the relation of politics.
3. Politics in the golden ages of Islam.
4. The present political system.
a. The leadership.
b. The constitution.
c. Implementation of rules and laws.
d. Flaws in the constitution and legislative structure. 5. The proposed reforms.
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Assignment no.1

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Assignment #2
Subject: pak &Islamic studies Class: BSCS-1C Time allowed: 18-10-2012. Max. Marks: 10 Instructor name: Dr. Mahboobullah Date:...
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